Pros / It encompasses every kind of eBook format.

Cons / You cannot download it onto your computer or iPad.

 Verdict / Lucidpress is one of the best eBook creators for diverse writers, even if it does lack a few support services.

Lucidpress is one of the most thorough eBook creator services. With its wide range of file uploading options and formats, you can plan your eBooks with a guarantee that whatever direction your creative or professional leanings take, you will have polished and well-thought-out results.

Navigating this service is painless, whether you decide on the free membership or one of the upgraded versions, all of which offer free trials so you can choose the one most suited to your needs. If you are a student or an educator, you receive whatever level of the service you want for free.

Once you sign up for the service, the site's interface is well laid out, with each of the functions displayed clearly. The only function it lacks is trial period limitation; all of the other most helpful tools are offered. Just like with our top pick, Atavist, Your content is password-protected, and you can brand your eBooks and translate them into a number of other languages. As with any of the best services to create eBooks, you can also sell them.

One of the best things about Lucidpress is the many formats you can use for your writing. It has templates designed specifically for business and educational purposes, including multiple-choice tests. You can also create digital magazines, with pictures and captions with the appropriate attribution. Lucidpress can also make family albums and picture books, an updated version of heavy old photo albums.

LucidPress gives you the ability to add sound and video to your projects, even though your file space on the site is limited depending on what service you choose. It accepts all of the most common files, such as PDF, MOBI and HTML. The service echoes eBook maker software and also expands upon it, providing more encompassing options than those offered in the past.

The service's shortcoming is its lack of downloading capability. You need reliable internet access whenever and wherever you want to use Lucidpress so that you can log in to your account on its site. There is no overall instruction manual available either, even though the site has tutorials for many of its features. There is also an email service available for questions.

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With such diversity in its creative formats and service options, we are not deterred in overlooking Lucidpress' slightly limited support services in favor of its better offerings. Lucidpress earns its ranking as one of the best eBook creators on our lineup.

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