Pros / It has superb customizing functions.

Cons / It does not have many options for style formats.

 Verdict / Pressbooks is made pretty much only for fiction writers, and it doesn't let you branch out from novels or manuals, but it's one of the best services for those formats.

Pressbooks is one of the most diverse eBook creator services for fiction writers. It has so many ways to make your work look distinctive, polished and professional. Even though it lacks some of the more diversified templates for writing material beyond the novel format, it still offers enough to rank it among the best.

eBook maker software often has ways to brand your eBooks, and this service has taken that and run with it. Not only does it have branding, but it also lets you customize page transitions, translate your work into multiple languages, publish your eBooks on formats such as Kindle and CreateSpace, and render photos seamlessly. All of these functions are easy to locate and use, and the only complaint we have is that sometimes it was a little bit slow in our testing, and we had to wait for certain tasks to be completed.

The only real shortcoming of this eBook design service is that it is not made to create magazines, albums, picture books, or anything else outside novels, guides and professional materials. Unlike our top pick Atavist, this service does not offer much to help you create family-oriented digital books that are more for personal remembrance than professional distribution. However, many different styles are available for you as a novelist. It offers gothic-style templates, more bubbly-looking fonts, and a variety of other ways to help the style match the mood of your writing.

You can use several file formats on the service, such as HTML, MOBI and PDF. Adding graphics is also an option for Pressbooks. The photos we transferred onto the service were clear and did not change significantly from their initial appearance. It does not allow you to upload sound or video files onto your work.

The support services are very up to date. Even though the service does not have a basic instruction manual, there are enough tutorials and advice on the website to make up for that. The service requires no in-store purchase, since you can access it right off of its site. You can contact site representatives via email if you have questions.

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Pressbooks is an excellent way to make your eBooks look unique and high-quality. It's not as inclusive of all forms of digital writing as some other services, but it still offers enough to receive our strong recommendation.

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