Pros / There are several different formats with which to create your eBooks.

Cons / It is geared more toward Mac users than Windows users.

 Verdict / Despite its tendency to service Macs more than other systems, it's very easy to create eBooks and other digital publications with Scrivener's superb setup.

Scrivener is an eBook creator with a lot to offer anyone who loves digitizing his or her novels and photo albums. It has so many functions with superb ease of use, and you will never feel like there is no help available to get you up to snuff with all of the tools you need to make your projects look better than ever.

Scrivener is an app you can download off iTunes, and we had no trouble uploading our content into the system after we downloaded it. While the iBooks Author is very similar program available to download for free, most of the functions of eBook creator are advanced and useful, such as the ability to brand your eBooks, sell them, and translate them into languages such as Spanish and French. The functions are also easy to find, and the interface is clear and well organized.

Lots of eBook maker software and services try to stick exclusively with eBooks, but what makes Scrivener one of the best eBook creators is the variety of options it gives you. If you are primarily a novelist, then Scrivener has plenty to offer, but it also caters to guide makers, educators and illustrators. It also has templates for family-centric items like photo albums. Scrivener's designers seem to understand that creativity and writing encompass a lot of outlets, and that you will be happier with an app that gives you the opportunity to expand your abilities.

Scrivener supports almost all of the main files eBook writers use. HTML, MOBI and PDF are usable on Scrivener. You can also upload sounds, graphics and videos onto your projects, reflecting the expanding creative direction of eBooks. We had no problems when we uploaded any of our files onto the app, and it did not take long waits to add or upload files.

Like most Apple products, Scrivener has exemplary support services. There is a digital instruction manual both on Apple's site and the app. Video tutorials are also available for walk-throughs of the app's functions. There is no physical copy of the service; it is exclusively a download. You can contact Apple's online support services if you have questions not covered in any of the tutorials or instructions.

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Scrivener is a superb eBook creator for diverse writers. It is only missing a few functions and formats, and it is still very user-friendly. We strongly recommend it to eBook writers and enthusiasts.

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