Pros / It can translate your book into over 80 languages.

Cons / You cannot make magazines or tests.

 Verdict / Even though it is limited in the format and file options, Ultimate eBook Creator makes it easy to make a simple eBook.

Ultimate eBook Creator might not have the format capabilities of some of our higher-ranked eBook creators, but it still has enough support services to help you make the step from writing books to making them look worthy of online publishing.

Like the best eBook creators, Ultimate eBook Creator has a plethora of functions that help you create reader-friendly eBooks. There are so many, in fact, that we initially had a bit of a hard time sifting through all of them and learning how to use them efficiently.

You can translate your book into Spanish, French and over 80 other languages, which makes it one of the best multi-language eBook creators we have come across. It has photo-rendering abilities, which will make your product’s images much clearer. It also connects you to eBook publishing outlets so that you can potentially profit from your efforts financially. You can also brand your products to make them look more distinctively your own.

One feature Ultimate eBook Creator lacks when compared with others options is a range of formats for different kinds of eBooks. Even though you can easily make novels, guides and picture books, there are no templates to make magazines, comic books or tests like there are with our top pick Atavist. eBook maker software and apps are no longer just about publishing books; families and educators use them to create albums and even tests, and Ultimate eBook Creator does not offer these formats. To create your eBook, you can use MOBI, PDF or EPUB file formats.

The support services are thorough. There are in-depth tutorials online, however, and you can easily download them onto your computer. There is also an FAQs page and a customer inquiry email service.

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  2. 7  Ultimate eBook Creator
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Ultimate eBook Creator is a solid eBook creator with enough functions to make any eBook look professional. It does not have the scope of services that can make more visually complicated digital books, but it is still a good option for anyone who just wants to polish up an eBook.

Ultimate eBook Creator Visit Site

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