Pros / FotoFusion’s backgrounds and embellishments are high grade.

Cons / There isn’t an option to add videos or music to your collage.

 Verdict / If you want to make a breathtaking photo collage, this software will help you get there, but you still will not have the advanced options of video and music for your artwork.

FotoFusion is the fifth version of this photo-collage software, with each version better than the last. With this collage-making software, you’ll be impressed with the easy learning curve, intuitive interface and top-of-the-line photo embellishments and backgrounds.

Most of FotoFusion’s competitors offer backgrounds and embellishments that are cheesy with a clip-art feel. This is not the case with FotoFusion. Instead of cartoonish embellishments, you’ll find shabby-chic photo mats, realistic ribbons, sticky-note enhancements and even digital tape for a scrapbook feel. It is one of the best photo-collage programs if you want your collages to look classy.

FotoFusion’s workspace design is very user friendly and simple to navigate. All of the tools in this photo-collage program are associated with pictorial icons that describe the tool's function. For example, the rotation tool is represented by two curvy blue lines that look like they are rotating, and the text tool is a slanted letter T. Each icon also has a pop-up box with a description of what it does when you hover over it, something that the best collage software on the market should have. The tradeoff of these intuitive, useful features is definitely the lack of video and music. If you want to be able to add these elements to your collages, you might be interested in The Print Shop Deluxe.

The lack of template options is also a drawback. With so many holidays and celebrations, cards for them going digital, and it would be helpful to have a variety of templates for all of them.

At the top of FotoFusion’s workspace you’ll see a button that says Export. Here is where you can share your finished collage via several different formats. You can either print the collage, email it or save it as a digital file in formats like JPEG, PDF and PNG. Once it is saved to your hard drive, you can have it professionally printed or share the collage via any of your preferred social networks.

On FotoFusion’s website, you’ll find several help and support options to assist you with both installing and using the photo-collage software. We found the video tutorials to be especially helpful for learning the different parts of the software’s workflow. There is also a digital user manual and a FAQs section for more self-support. We also like the user forum where current users can help each other with issues. You can also get in touch with a support representative via email, remote assistance or by telephone. While this all sounds good on paper, we contacted the company via email and never heard back.

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FotoFusion is probably the most professional photo-collage software we reviewed, offering classic layouts with high-end backgrounds and embellishments. Of course, you’ll have to play a little bit with all of the tools before you'll feel totally comfortable, but this collage creator has done a great job of easing the learning curve. We only wish the support staff had been more responsive to our inquiries. If the program also had more template options, it might be one of the best collage-maker software options available.

FotoFusion 5 Visit Site

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