Pros / The auto collage function and embellishments are easy to handle.

Cons / There are only four template sizes to choose from.

 Verdict / MemoryMixer's user-friendliness and bulk of embellishments easily trump its template shortcomings.

MemoryMixer is photo collage software that can generate a collage of 50 or more pictures in less than a minute with its auto collage function. From there, you can use embellishments, such as hearts and stars, to personalize and finish your collage. Because of its user-friendly workspace, plentiful embellishments and automatic features, we've awarded MemoryMixer our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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The only downside to using this collage maker is the limited number of canvas options. There are only four sizes to choose from when creating your collage: 12 x 12 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, 4 x 6 inches and 12 x 36 inches. Some competitors allow you to completely customize your project's size. However, you can buy additional pieces, such as templates and embellishments, from MemoryMixer's website, which is typical among photo collage software manufacturers.

Part of MemoryMixer’s appeal is the diversity of the editing tools at your fingertips. You have over 1,000 embellishments to choose from for every picture collage, and over 500 customizable backgrounds, which is higher than many other software options in our lineup. It also has auto collage, which is a quick way to enter in your pictures to a collage template without having to place them in one by one. These functions are easy to find and use for your projects, and you don't have to spend hours acquainting yourself with the software. If you want access to even more designing elements, you might want to consider MyMemories Suite.

This collage maker software also has editing functions to enhance the quality of your pictures or simply change them to whatever style you see fit. You can also change your colored pictures to black and white. You can remove red eye from human photographs, and add drop shadows to any of your pictures. If you want to trim the edges of a certain picture, you can use the crop tool to cut away the extra space.

Once you’re done, you can print your collages, upload them to MemoryMixer’s high-quality print service, or turn them into a photobook or digital album. This program only gives you the option to save your collages as JPEG files. Other photo collage programs we reviewed offered different image formats so you have more options when saving files to your hard drive.

It is also easy to separate and edit each element of your collage individually. You have plenty of tools that help you edit photos, and the tools are organized within the software in an efficient way. There are also rulers alongside the workspace to help you keep track of how big the collage is and how your pictures and elements fit into the collage.

Export Options

MemoryMixer has solid export options, but the lack of a PNG capability knocked its score down a little. However, you can turn your collages into PDF and JPG files, which makes transporting them easy. You can also burn them to CD and DVD, which is useful if you intend to make collages as gifts or keepsakes and want a physical copy.

You can also export you collages onto your Facebook account, or have them sent to your printer or stored on your hard drive as a background image. This collage creator is designed to make collages into transportable projects. If you intend to make collages for multiple people to see, not just whoever has access to your computer, then MemoryMixer is a solid choice.

Help & Support

Good help and support is essential when you are learning new software. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of uploading pictures, importing design elements and exporting finished pages, particularly if you are used to making collages by hand. MemoryMixer is one of the best collage software manufacturers on the market in terms of support options.

The company has a FAQs page on its website, along with tutorials to walk you through common processes. You can also contact customer support via email. We value professionalism on the part of the manufacturers, and the company fulfilled our expectations. We emailed the company with specific questions and received a response the same day, and the support staff member was helpful and knowledgeable. Phone service is also an option during the company's business hours.


This collage editor caters to perfectionists and casual users alike. MemoryMixer's library of embellishments, scrapbook papers, shapes and text options dominates digital collage creation. Editing and putting your collages together is easy, and that makes up for the slightly lower number of templates it offers.

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