Pros / Studio-Scrap has distinctive templates, such as pinwheels and blooming flowers.

Cons / You can’t make your project interactive with music and video.

 Verdict / You can't add video and music to your photo collage, but Studio-Scrap's rare templates and backgrounds can give your collages a unique flair.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: over 400 backgrounds; a wide selection of 450 templates and thousands of embellishments. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Photo Collage Software reviews.

Studio-Scrap is a photo collage software application that offers a whopping 400 collage templates in its creative arsenal. We were most impressed by the collage templates in Studio-Scrap. They aren’t the typical row and column templates, although you’ll find those too. Instead, you'll find templates shaped like pinwheels, blooming flowers and family trees. The range of templates somewhat makes up for the lack of sound and video options.

The program boasts over 1,000 shape options and 300 customizable backgrounds, which puts it in our top five for the best collage software programs. There is an entire “freebie” page on Studio-Scrap’s website where you can download additional templates, embellishments and other features. If that isn’t enough, you can purchase additional templates and embellishments. We wish the advanced templates for this collage maker were less expensive or included with the initial package. Some of the best picture collage programs have more template choices than this program for a lower price.

The layout of this photo collage creator is reminiscent of many HTML editing programs. You have your content and options along the top of the window and the actual workspace on the bottom half of the screen. There is no auto-collage feature, so you must take advantage of the drag-and-drop tool to insert images. If you want a program that has an autofill option, you might want to consider looking at MyMemories Suite or MemoryMixer.

One of the only drawbacks to Studio-Scrap is that it lacks the interactive music and video features, something which earned it a less prominent place in our lineup. You cannot add music to the background, which is limiting if you are more of a mixed-media artist. To export your finished collage, you can save the collage as an image (JPG, PDF, TIFF, BMP or PNG), print it, or share with friends via email.

Something to remember with this program is that CDIP, the manufacturer, is a French company, so the program defaults the price and layout measurements to euros and metrics unless you change it on the website. Studio-Scrap is very connected to its users. A help forum is available for you to ask specific questions, or you can consult the FAQs page. There is also a Facebook page where the company posts freebies, collage-making tips and more. To contact the company directly, we would suggest using email, since calling is international.

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Studio-Scrap is a unique photo collage application with background templates you won’t find anywhere else. The cache of tools is impressive, allowing you to do pretty much anything you want with your photo collage. The only feature you can’t apply to your photo collage is video and music. Even though it is not the best photo collage software we reviewed, it still gets a strong recommendation for its unique templates and options.

Studio-Scrap 6 Visit Site

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