Pros / You can share your photos directly from within the program to a variety of social media sites.

Cons / You have to pay a monthly fee in order to use ACDSee's online photo storage.

 Verdict / While it isn't the most intuitive editing software, ACDSee 20 provides several organizational features that are easy to use and will make searching through your photos simple and quick.

Editor's Note: ACDSee Photo Studio Standard is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the photo manager software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about ACDSee 20.

ACD Systems was founded in 1994 with its first product, ACDSee photo editing software. Today it is a popular photo organizing company and offers many different photo and video editing programs. ACDSee 20 provides several advanced editing tools along with a sleek organization program to help you assemble and get your desired look from your photos. With all of its impressive organizing features, we decided to give ACDSee 20 our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Organizing Options

ACDSee 20 has several different ways of organizing digital photos, which means that you can find the organization method that works best for you. Images can be rated, color labeled, categorized into specific files and given keywords to make searching easier. As a bonus, you can tag each photo with the GPS location it was taken at and even search your photos by location.

You can also use the Calendar View menu to locate photos by the date they were taken. The layout and design of the picture organization software is truly impressive as it allows you to sort images quickly by your preferred method. It is definitely one of the easiest photo organizing interfaces in our comparison.

Any photographer who has lost their photos knows how important it is to back up your photos frequently. While you cannot automate a backup manager within this program, you can manually back up your photos at any time using the Create Sync feature. These photos can be backed onto another file in your computer, a flash drive or even Microsoft OneDrive. If you want to tidy up your photo collection, you can select Find Duplicates and remove or modify any duplicates you find. ACDSee 20 also allows you to view the metadata of any photo you have selected so you will be able to reference the dates of your photos and view what settings your camera was on when the photo was taken.


ACDSee supports over 85 different file types, including popular files like JPG, RAW, PSD, TIFF, GIF and PNG files. Using the Import tab, you can bring photos directly into ACDSee from CD, DVD, flash drive, camera, phone and scanner. Having this many importing options makes organizing and editing photos easier and faster.

Editing Tools

ACDSee 20 has several advanced editing tools; however, the tools aren't as simple to use as some other photo organizing software we reviewed. It usually takes an extra click or two to get the same results you'd get with one click in other similar editing programs. Despite the extra steps, you can add professional-looking edits to your photos. Basic photo touchup tools like cropping, red eye removal, resizing and 54 special effects come with this program. It also comes with more advanced tools like the ability to adjust color, hue, saturation and contrast within a photo. Perhaps the biggest downside to the editing section of this software is the fact that ACDSee 20 doesn't allow you to work with layers. Layers help keep your original photo safe while allowing you to see what specific editing effects will do to change your photo.


Like many other photo organizers, ACDSee 20 can share your photos directly to social media sites – specifically Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and Zenfolio. You can also email your images from within the program. In addition to sharing photos, you can create a slideshow complete with editable text and music files to share with others. Many photo editing software companies provide free online storage galleries for their customers. ACD Systems does offer online photo storage through ACDSee 365; however, ACDSee 365 does not come free with the program. Instead, it requires a monthly or yearly subscription, depending on which one you prefer.

Support Options

ACD Systems' website offers a knowledgebase complete with an informative FAQs page that you can search through by keyword. The company has a YouTube channel with video tutorials on it, though there is only one video tutorial specifically for ACDSee 20. The software publisher does have its own user forum that gets updated regularly so you can get answers from other ACDSee users. If you need further help, you can contact customer support via phone and email.

This picture organizer is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 but does not work with any Mac operating systems.


The organization tools in ACDSee 20 are the best of any program we tested. However, the editing software it comes with, while still good, isn't the program's strongest feature. The sharing features are among the best in our review, and the importing options are extensive. This organizer is great for any photographer with a vast or growing photo collection since it helps keep photos orderly.

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Editing Tools

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Batch Editing
Adjust Date Taken
Black & White Conversion
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Color Adjustment
Red Eye Removal
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Organizing Options

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Organize by Keyword
Organize by Calendar Date
Rate Your Photos
Backup Manager
Organize by Category
Check for Duplicate Files

Support Options

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Windows 10
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Mac OS 10.8


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