Pros / The recovery rate for JPGs and other raster files is among the best available.

Cons / The scan and recovery speeds are quite slow.

 Verdict / Odboso Photo Retrieval is powerful recovery software, although it isn’t for the impatient.

Odboso Photo Retrieval is simple, three-step photo recovery software. You’ll simply specify the file type, scan the drive and recover the photos. The software won’t automatically scan for all types of image formats, and you have to specify the type of image files you want it to scan for. This adds some steps to the scanning process, and selecting all of the image types results in slow scans and recoveries. However, the software’s recovery success rate for most file types was above average in our tests.

To gauge Odboso’s overall image recovery, we simulated a lost file and a reformatted drive data loss scenario on multiple types of drives. In each test, we looked for how well this picture recovery software rescued various image formats – raster, vector production and raw images. While this image recovery software didn’t post the best overall recovery rates, it did have above-average success rates for nearly every file type in every test.

For recovering JPGs, the most common image format, Odboso Photo Retrieval had a 100 percent success rate in every test we ran. It also recovered 97 percent of lost raster files – GIF, TIF, BMP and PNG. In the reformatted drive tests, it recovered 85 percent of the raster formats. For reference, the average recovery rates were 70 percent and 57 percent, respectively.

With Odboso, we recovered 32 percent of the vector images during the lost file tests and 16 percent of the vector images during the reformatted drive tests. While that may seem small, both recovery rates are above average. Perhaps its most impressive recovery rate was that of production files. It recovered 83 percent of the production images during the lost file tests. This was the highest recovery rate for production images, which makes this ideal picture recovery software for graphic designers with hard drives full of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and similar photo editing software.

Odboso’s only lackluster recovery rate was of the camera raw images in the lost file tests. It recovered only 32 percent of the camera raw images, which was 11 percentage points below average. The software recovering just 23 percent of the camera raw images during the reformatted drive tests, but that was about average. Unfortunately, of the 16 camera raw formats that we included in our data sets, the software only recognized seven formats from four digital camera brands – Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fuji. Fortunately, Canon and Nikon are the most popular digital camera brands, and Olympus and Fuji aren’t far behind. If you want a program that can recognize every major format, consider GetData.

The biggest downside to Odboso Photo Retrieval is its scan and recover speeds. When you select all the available image formats, the average scan speed on an HDD, SDD and SD card is 13GB per hour. This is the slowest scan rate in our review. Odboso’s recover speed wasn’t much better, at just 18GB per hour. Considering both speeds, recovering photos from a 1TB hard drive would take an exceptionally long time – about five and a half days.

Odboso Photo Retrieval was the best photo recovery software in our review for recovering production images, which makes it ideal for graphic artists who need to recover their projects in Photoshop and other photo editing programs. It worked perfectly when recovering JPGs and also recovered a high percentage of raster images. However, it only recognized raw formats from four digital camera brands, and its scan and recovery speeds are quite slow.

  • Average Scan Speed
  • Average Recover Speed
  1. The higher numbers equal a faster speed.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  Odboso
    13.0 GB
  3. 209.0 GB
  4. 17.0 GB
  5. 44.0 GB
  6. Category Average
    120.2 GB
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Specifications and Benchmarks

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Digital Camera Recovery

Nikon (NEF, NRW)
Canon (CGM, CR2, CRW)
Panasonic (RAW, RW2)
Sony (SR2, ARW)
Polaroid (X3F)
Samsung (SRW)
Olympus (ORF)
Kodak (DCR, KDC)
Epson (ERF)
Fuji (RAF)

Lost File & Reformatted Drive Recovery

Average Scan Speed (GB/hr)
13 GB/hr
Average Recover Speed (GB/hr)
18 GB/hr
JPEG Images
Other Raster Images
Vector Images