Pros / Photostory Deluxe has hundreds of transition effects and a wide variety of useful tools.

Cons / You have to pay extra to receive technical support over the telephone.

 Verdict / Photostory Deluxe is one of the top slideshow creation programs. It makes HD-quality slideshows and has one of the most extensive photo and music editing toolsets we saw.

Photostory Deluxe is one of the most up-to-date, professional-looking slideshow programs on the market. It is perfect for serious photographers or GoPro users, as it helps you enhance your photos and videos before you publish them. It has an extensive toolset featuring advanced editing tools not found in many competing programs. It also comes with several free sound tracks and effects, though you can purchase even more from the in-app store. However, since there are so many tools, it might take a while to figure out how to use everything. Even so, the program is pretty easy to use overall.

What’s New in Photostory Deluxe 2019?

We recently spoke with MAGIX, Photostory's developer, about its latest update and were excited to hear about new features that cater to travel and vacation photos as well as enhanced social media and video features.

Photostory now lets you adjust brightness and contrast in photos and videos, so you can make them look just the way you want. It also made the customization process easier by extending the limit up to 64 tracks per project – that's more than double the number you could access in previous versions, and you can group and ungroup tracks to make editing simpler. Further, you no longer need to switch between Timeline and Storyboard mode when you want to add new content to your slideshow. While this may seem like a small improvement, it makes the workflow smoother.

We were also impressed with the new Travel Maps feature, which displays an Indiana Jones–style travel animation with a red arrow over a map of the world. This is a fun way to show friends and family where you’ve been and what stops you made along the way.

Ease of Use

In our testing, we found this software has more customization features than most. For instance, the effects features allow you to choose exactly where and when your images appear, how they move, and how large or small they are. Photostory is pretty intuitive to use, but since there are so many tools at your disposal, it will likely take a while to learn how to use everything. 

The program's editing tools are little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of them, you can create professional-looking enhancements, similar to the edits you can make with Adobe Photoshop. The import wizard can help you prepare projects in just a few minutes and is an especially helpful tool for beginners since it simplifies the creation process.

Unfortunately, Photostory doesn't work on Macs – if you have an Apple computer, consider PhotoStage Slideshow.

Editing Tools & Features

This software includes a few helpful features that aren’t immediately apparent. For example, it comes with a small set of graphics, music tracks and transitions. To access the entire library, you need to click on the help menu and select Free Download. It could take several minutes to download all the content, but doing so puts hundreds of effects at your disposal. Should you want even more effects or music tracks in your library, you can purchase them in the software’s Store tab.

This software has some of the most playful graphics of the programs we tested. You can put bunny ears and sunglasses on your loved ones’ faces as well as add animated decorations like balloons and fireworks. There are also audio tools you can use to record and place vocals wherever you'd like – useful tools to have if you like adding narration to your slideshows. This program also makes it easy to fade music in and out.

Further, MAGIX has developed Photostory Premium VR, a virtual reality slideshow software. This VR software has viewing room templates, including an outdoor movie theater and a cozy living room. The VR version is especially helpful when showing off photos taken in exotic locations with high quality cameras as well as 360-degree images. It’s also proven popular for displaying real estate.

File Compatibility & Sharing

When we published a slideshow with Photostory Deluxe, our images looked crisp and professional, even after adding filters and color-changing effects. This program lets you export your projects in a number of ways, including as common file formats such as AVI and MPEG-4. You can even create projects specifically for phone screens or HDTVs. Should you want to give a physical copy to friends or family, you can burn your slideshow to DVD or Blu-ray. If you prefer to simply post your creations to social media, the program can help you directly post to Facebook and YouTube.

Help & Support

Unfortunately, you must purchase a support voucher if you want to contact technical support via telephone. However, you can get free telephone support from customer service if you have basic questions. In the past when we called customer service, we reached a friendly, knowledgeable representative who answered all our questions in full detail. When we attempted to call customer support this time around, we received an automated message that asked us to hold, but we were immediately hung up on. Whether this is a long-standing problem or a temporary one is uncertain. Should you need help with your projects, you can also reach out to the company’s official user forum or view online video tutorials.


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