Pros / The program has a background mode that's useful for recording video games and streaming video.

Cons / The program has major stability issues and produces among the worst-quality videos of the products in our lineup.

 Verdict / In many ways, this software is an anachronism. It could have been great in the late 1990s, but it doesn't meet the high standards set by today's top programs.

Editor's Note: A new version of this software is now available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the video capture software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review of Replay Video Capture below.

Replay Video Capture ranked at the bottom of our review of video capture software. In fact, it's tied for last place with WM Capture - an identical program sold under another brand. We found the same problems with both applications: frustrating workflow, lack of editing tools and poor quality output. It simply does not live up to the standards set by the best video recording software.

Replay Video Capture's most basic function is to record what's happening on your computer screen. The interface itself is more difficult than its simple layout would indicate. During testing, we encountered problems getting the program to start and stop a recording, selecting the desired portion of the screen we wanted to capture, utilizing keyboard shortcuts and more. The best screen recording software should be accessible and easy to use the first time you launch it.

During our testing phase the program didn't function quite right. The recording would often hesitate and crash during a recording, forcing us to restart our project. This is level of instability and ineffectiveness is simply unacceptable for any video capture software. For greater operating simplicity, you might look at the Debut Video Capture software.

Despite its flaws, there is one tool that is worthy of some praise: This video recorder features a background mode that eliminates the interface and captures what's on your screen for however long you keep it on. This is ideal if you want to record the video game you're playing or the video stream you're watching. And while all the products on our side-by-side comparison chart can record these things, Replay Video Capture is only of only a few that allows you to do it in the background.

Unfortunately, being able to capture whatever you want doesn't mean much if the final product is subpar. This is the case with Replay Video Capture. Our video experts examined the recordings made by each product on our lineup. When compared with the rest, Replay's video was pixelated, stuttered often and had major audio issues. The best products on our lineup produced smooth, clear videos – Replay's results simply didn't compare.

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Replay Video Capture is a program that feels like it's lost in time. Perhaps in days gone by it would have been a top-notch screen capture program. Unfortunately, it now feels antiquated and broken down, which is evident in its buggy nature, frustrating workflow and poor-quality results.

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