Pros / This video editing software offers multiple learning videos that show you how to use it to its fullest potential.

Cons / It lacks some of the most advanced features we look for in video editing software.

 Verdict / This program should fit the needs of most beginner, novice and casual video editors.

 When you first launch AVS Video Editor, the program walks you through a series of prompts that show you exactly how to use each module of the software. These prompts link you to video guides on the AVS website that show you how to use the video editing software most effectively. This is useful for beginner or novice users who are still learning the ins and outs of editing video.

The editing space itself offers both timeline and storyboard workflows. The timeline shows each element of your project by length and allows you to make granular changes. The storyboard is more simplified, giving you an overview of each object, regardless of length. You can switch from one to the other with a single click, with all your changes and modifications intact.

You only get one video editing track, which limits the program's versatility. You can, however, add as many video effects, overlays, and music and voice tracks as you need. While these extra tracks are useful for enhancing your video, it’s unfortunate you can’t add more video editing tracks, since that would allow you to work with more video clips simultaneously rather than trying to fit all your main videos onto a single track.

A healthy library of transitions and video effects is important for any video editing program. AVS Video Editor offers hundreds of transitions and effects that craft the look and feel of your project with precision. You also get a healthy selection of text templates that includes titles, scrolling credits, lower-third text or simple plain text to add anywhere you want on the screen.

This program has recently added the ability to make slideshows out of your still images. These are great because it allows you to add transitions and audio easily, even if you’re not very good at editing in the other editing modes.

While the tools on this program are great, it’s worth noting that this program is missing many features we look for in this category. For example, AVS Video Editor has no multicam tools, action cam module or 360-degree editing. However, you may not need them if your needs are simple enough. If you feel you need any of these tools, they’re found in our best overall pick, Cyberlink PowerDirector.

When you’ve finished your video project, AVS Video Editor provides four options to export it so you can get it in front of an audience. You can create a stand-alone video file most popular file formats like AVI, MOV, MP4 and many more. You can also create a DVD or Blu-ray disc of your video, complete with menus. Additionally, you have dozens of options to optimize your video for devices like smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. This program has the most optimization choices in any video editing software we reviewed.

Unfortunately, when we examined the exported video, we noted major pixelation that would distract viewers from the video's content. Make sure you review all your exported videos to ensure they’re up to the quality standards you want before you share them. You may have to export the same project several times before you get a crisp, clear picture.

AVS Video Editor has most of the editing and enhancement tools we look for in this category, as well as a healthy library of transitions, effects and titles. You should be able to learn this software quite easily. But it falls short when it comes to the quality of the exported video.

  • Time to Edit Test Project
  • Time to Export Test Project
  • Export Format Choices
  1. How long it takes the software to build our 40-second test video.
    Lower is Better.
  2. 9  AVS Video Editor
    75.0 Minutes
  3. 29.0 Minutes
  4. 63.0 Minutes
  5. 35.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    43.9 Minutes
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