Pros / It includes over 7,800 loops, samples and sound effects for you to round out your recording with.

Cons / The application needs more robust record, rip and burn features.

 Verdict / Mixcraft is a stellar option for anyone wanting audio recording software with a DAW interface that’s packed with functionality and effects.

Mixcraft, developed by Acoustica, is a multi-track recording application with a digital audio workstation (DAW) interface. It supports various advanced audio recording, editing, special effects and burning features. It’s extremely versatile voice recording software and performed well overall in our tests. While the absence of voice-activated features is a major miss, its advanced recording functions like pitch correction, plug-in support, MIDI routing and native sidechaining make it a powerful tool. Nevertheless, Mixcraft is great audio recording software loaded with plenty of useful and essential tools and a sleek, modern interface.

During our testing, we found the software to be easy to use, with a pleasant, modern and colorful interface. Advanced users will enjoy perusing over 7,800 loops, samples and sound effects, as well as the arsenal of instruments, effects and samplers. Unlimited submix nesting makes it easy to make every level of your final audio file perfect. The integrated recording timer can be used to define the duration of a recording session, but it cannot be used for scheduling a future recording session.

If you want to record your voice, or other types of audio, Mixcraft supports a range of audio filters and special effects that you can apply to the file. You can equalize and amplify your audio, add in reverb or a fade, reduce background noise and remove pesky pops and clicks. In addition, you can trim or add a period of silence in your audio file. However, the software lacks the ability to convert a mono audio file into stereo, an ability all of the other programs in our comparison have. These audio filters and special effects, if applied properly to a voice recording, can drastically improve the quality of the final file and provide a host of additional file formats and split options.

Besides its proprietary format, Mixcraft supports MIDI files for opening and saving projects being worked on. In addition, files can be saved to WMA, OGG, MP3, FLAC and WAV formats. Auto conversion to WAV format when burning is supported too. However, the software is not compatible with AAC or M4A formats.

Mixcraft works on all recent versions of Windows, from XP forward. It won’t work on older versions, though, and there currently is not an option for Mac OS X or Linux. If you need audio recording software with more operating system compatibility, or simply want to spend less, check out Audacity.

Mixcraft comes bundled with a help file, which does a thorough job explaining the features and functionality of the program. There are several links throughout the help files, further aiding in its use. The website offers a downloadable PDF user manual. If you want other informational resources, check out the video tutorials, FAQs section and user forum, which are available on the company’s website. Should you need to contact a customer support representative, you can do so via email. However, there is no support by telephone or live chat.

An all-around voice recording program with plenty of extra features thrown in to handle any situation, Mixcraft is a delight to record and edit with. With its powerful yet easy-to-use interface and variety of support options, Mixcraft is an outstanding option for anyone looking for powerful and flexible voice recording software through a DAW interface.

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