Pros / Kidlogger uses the monitored device to record face-to-face conversations.

Cons / The program doesn’t have time controls.

 Verdict / Kidlogger doesn’t have time controls, but its tools monitor your kids’ online activity and in-person interactions by using their cell phone or tablet. It is compatible with most cell phones, including BlackBerry.

Kidlogger is a basic computer monitoring program that looks dated and lacks many features other programs we reviewed include, like time controls and filter categories. But Kidlogger does have a few features that are unique to this program. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC computers as well as iOS and Android cell phones and tablets. There are also versions compatible with BlackBerry and Linux.

Kidlogger doesn’t block your child from accessing dangerous websites. Instead you set keywords and URLs for the program to monitor, and it lets you know if your child has accessed them. You can set the screen capture feature to take a screenshot periodically or if your child types in a specific word or phrase. This lets you see exactly what your child is doing while online, but they are on an honor system since you can’t restrict them from visiting an inappropriate webpage in the first place.

This monitoring software has a keylogger. This captures every keystroke your child makes, even if the document wasn’t saved, or if they didn’t follow through with looking up terms in a search engine. You can see passwords they enter to log into their social media accounts, plus it’s a good way to follow instant messages and email conversations.

Another unique feature of Kidlogger is the video and voice capture. This tool lets you use the video recorder and microphone made in the computer, laptop or cell phone you’re monitoring to take video and record voices and sounds from your child and those around them. This lets you keep track of whether or not your child is goofing off while online, or if they are talking to someone face-to-face and keeping the conversation clean. Kidlogger also records video calls.

One tool not included with Kidlogger is time controls. There isn’t any way for a parent to shut off internet access during certain times of the day, or control how long kids can be online during one sitting. This is an important feature for some families, so if you need time controls in addition to web blocking, check out Qustodio.

Kidlogger is a little dated and isn’t the easiest to set up, but its monitoring tools are useful. It captures every keystroke your kids make and tells you what they are viewing and the sites they visit. It lets you use your kids’ devices to record conversations they have in person if the device is close by, which is unique in our comparison. The biggest drawback is Kidlogger doesn’t have time controls to schedule online time.

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