Pros / If you do not customize the number of times you want your files overwritten, BCWipe uses the industrial-strength wiping standards used by the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Energy.

Cons / You cannot select which cookies you want to keep. You either have to delete them all or keep them all.

 Verdict / This software is a good option if you need privacy tools that wipe your computer activities immediately. BCWipe runs in the background and can wipe your files as soon as you delete them from your computer so your PC never has personal data files available for viewing.

BCWipe has a different interface style than the other privacy software we reviewed. The program has a dialog box that shows you a basic overview of its features and two options: Run BCWipe Task Manager or Activate Transparent Wiping. When transparent wiping is activated, files are automatically wiped when you delete them. The Task Manager has an uncluttered interface and lets you see what the program is currently doing, control transparent wiping settings and perform manual wipes. However, we found that the software is not as user-friendly as the top-rated privacy program, CyberScrub Privacy Suite, which displays its privacy tools on the dashboard.

The task manager gives you control over the program's tasks. You can create tasks to Delete with Wiping, Wipe Free Space, Wipe Internet History and Wipe Local History, as well as Transparent Wiping and Swap File Encryption tasks. Delete with Wiping is the same as Transparent Wiping, except you manually choose which files or folders you want to wipe. Wipe Free Space clears the free and hidden areas of your hard drive to give you more space. Wipe Internet History allows you to delete traces generated by your internet browsers, and Wipe Local History gives you the opportunity to remove files from Windows.

Using Wipe Internet History, you can permanently erase the files and tracks that reveal what you do during your browsing sessions. The privacy eraser is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge plugins. You can select which file types you delete; this includes address bar history, cookies, temporary internet files, visited site history, index.dat files, downloads, autocomplete form data and favorites lists. With these tools, you can strengthen your online privacy and keep your information secure. While most privacy software allow you to keep cookies, this program does not give you that option.

To test how effective the privacy software is, we had the program wipe data from all of the areas of the internet browser. After Using BCWipes, we searched the browser and used recovery software to see how completely the software wiped the browser. While the privacy software eliminated most of the information from our online session, we were still able to view some of the sites we had visited. However, we increased the security level of the software and all of our internet browser session was erased beyond repair.

In addition to internet browser tools, the privacy software has an extensive set of privacy tools that wipe Windows. When you select the Wipe Local History, you can remove temporary files, recycle bin documents, the run history, find files, the clipboard, SWAP file and the recent files list. Eliminating this data keeps people from recovering and piecing together what you do on your computer. When we tested how completely the software wiped Windows activity from our test computer, we were unable to find any of the files by searching or using recovery software. BCWipe successfully erases files from your computer beyond repair.

BCWipe’s file shredder has powerful encryption tools. In the task manager, you can select how many passes you want the software to take when deleting and overwriting data, up to 35 passes. The shredder can use one of 14 different wiping methods, including U.S DoD 5200.22-M(ECE) and Peter Gutmann. The Crypto Swap tool can erase or encrypt swap files using Rijndael 256-bit, Blowfish 448-bit, GOST 28147-89 256-bit or Twofish 256-bit key encryption algorithms. You can use this software manually or set it to automatically run daily, weekly or monthly at any given time. You also can set it up to wipe files when you login or when your computer starts up or shuts down.

BCWipe’s website has several support options. You can access help files, frequently asked questions, forums, and technical support email and phone contact information. You can also access an online manual in the software. We found that the technical support team was helpful and prompt in their responses to our inquiries.

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BCWipe is good privacy software for encrypting files and erasing select files and folders. The software’s file shredder allows you to customize the number of passes it takes when overwriting files, or you can choose from 14 different wiping methods. While the program is missing some tools that could protect you even more online, it effectively eliminates tracks and files from your internet browsers and Windows.

BCWipe 6 Visit Site

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