Pros / CyberScrub erases data using methods that exceed the United States Department of Defense standards for secure erasure.

Cons / The software does not provide access to an online user guide.

 Verdict / CyberScrub Privacy Suite is one of the most effective and comprehensive computer privacy applications, and it automatically alerts you to potential privacy risks.

Whether online or in the Windows operating system, your actions and data leave tracks that may pose security or privacy risks. CyberScrub Privacy Suite 6 is one of the best privacy software products available. It protects your privacy by removing sensitive files permanently and cleaning your internet history. It also creates free disk space by locating and deleting data from areas of your computer that store small traces of your activity. We award CyberScrub Privacy Suite 6 our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for being a comprehensive privacy program.

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Ease of Use

The program’s interface is streamlined and effectively organized. Whether you’re manually deleting a few specific files or removing hazards computer-wide, the processes are straightforward. The program no longer has a quick-start guide, but after you get familiar with the interface and tools, you can navigate the software with ease.

The dashboard provides a high level of security, automatically notifying you at default or custom intervals when you are at risk. The tools for common tasks are easy to find on the program’s dashboard, and the software is set by default to wipe the areas where sensitive information is most commonly left behind. Plus, it speeds up system performance by removing useless files.

Using the software's scheduler, you can have it scan or wipe selected parts of your computer at specified intervals or after certain events such as when you close your internet browser. The scheduler ensures your computer is always up to date on its security.

Cleaning Capabilities

This privacy software cleans your internet browser. It removes cookies, temporary files, browser caches and IM conversations. It supports most of the major browsers, including the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

CyberScrub is also equipped with a plugin to remove sensitive data from a number of third-party applications, including multimedia software, security software and web apps. The software actually includes protection for more than 100 additional applications and programs, ensuring your online privacy is protected. There is an option to remove sensitive information from more than 20 popular peer-to-peer file sharing programs as well.

The software has advanced features that verify each wipe pass effectively removes data. If any files cannot be erased, CyberScrub intercepts the failures and informs you if any data is not successfully erased. You can access this information on the program’s dashboard.

This Privacy Suite can run in stealth mode so nobody else knows that it is running. It deletes Shadow Copies, those digital snapshots that don’t contain the original file but can still be retrieved. By deleting both the original and Shadow Copies, your security and privacy remain intact. While this history eraser deletes the Shadow Copies necessary to delete the original file, it does not delete the Volume Shadow Copy, so you can retain a system restore point and recover legitimate files. By targeting the Shadow Copies to securely delete sensitive files, the software requires a significantly reduced amount of time during the erasure process in comparison to competing products that require a full free-space wipe of your computer.

When you delete files and emails from your computer, they aren’t actually gone, even if you empty the recycle bin. While this fact is useful in recovering some accidentally deleted files later, it isn’t good news if you don’t want the file to be recovered. You can select how thoroughly you want to wipe your files from your hard drive. For secure file deletion rendering files completely unrecoverable, CyberScrub has you covered. You can permanently shred files or folders to the point where even professional diagnostic recovery tools aren’t able to recover them. For most files and data, a wipe that overwrites three times is sufficient.

We found that this software thoroughly shreds data from its Windows, internet browsers and applications. Using recovery software, we were unable to even see what files were created or what we were doing on the computer previously.

The only files we couldn’t scrub with this program where those saved on USB drives. Other privacy programs, such as east-tec, including this tool so you can clean sensitive and old information from removable media devices before reusing them or handing them over to someone else to use.

You can select the level of security you want your files and internet history wiped to. This privacy software meets the U.S. Department of Defense standards for erasing digital information (U.S. DOD 5220.22). It also can erase using the Russian method (GOST 050739-95) and the German method (VSITR), all of which you can select and customize using the Privacy Suite’s advanced settings.

Technical Support

The software is easy to use, and there are detailed instructions inside the program, as well as additional resources online. The product’s website has a knowledgebase that contains just 10 items, and you can contact technical support by submitting a ticket. Once you register with CyberScrub customer support, you can track the status of your ticket online. You can also contact CyberScrub by phone. In addition, CyberScrub has an online blog that publishes articles regularly about online security. While it has several support options, the software does not have an online user manual you can use to help navigate the software.


CyberScrub Privacy Suite removes all evidence of online activity by erasing every website address, chat room conversation, video clip and picture your PC records. CyberScrub's technical support center is in the United States, and you can create a support ticket from inside the program, as well as password protect the Privacy Suite. Privacy Suite erases data with the most secure United States, Russian and German deletion methods, keeping your information safe online.

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