Pros / East-tec Eraser cleans activity traces from internet browsers, Windows and over 300 third-party programs.

Cons / It does not erase data from your browser’s favorites list.

 Verdict / East-tec Eraser privacy software is easy to use, and its numerous privacy tools thoroughly clean every part of your computer, including data from removable media devices. It is all-encompassing software that effectively protects you online and off.

Our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, East-tec Eraser, is full-feature privacy software that permanently deletes and cleans traces of your computer’s Windows, internet browsers and other programs. Not only does this software protect your privacy both online and offline, but it also improves your computer’s performance by removing unwanted files.

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Ease of Use

This history eraser has an interface that is similar to those of other privacy programs. The cleaning tools are easy to locate on the left panel, and they are easy to use. The program’s dashboard displays areas on your computer that are at-risk so you can quickly wipe data and maintain your privacy.

You can manually scan and erase data from your computer, or you can set up the software to run automatic scans at certain intervals. You can schedule the program to run any day or time, as well as after a specific event. For example, you can have the software run every time you close your internet browser or turn off your computer. In addition to protecting your online and offline privacy, this program can improve computer performance.

Cleaning Capabilities

East-tec Eraser protects your online privacy by permanently erasing files and information stored by your internet browsers. The program supports most popular browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, as well as over 300 other programs like Dropbox, WinZip and Adobe Acrobat. The history eraser eliminates your address bar history, cookies, temporary internet files and history, index.dat files, downloads, and autocomplete data. The software does allow you to keep cookies for sites you regularly visit. It does not, however, clear data from your computer’s favorites list. If you need to clean this part of your browser, you will need to consider purcahsing a different program, such as Tracks Eraser Pro, that includes this feature.

To test how well the software protects online privacy, we went to several different sites, wiped the internet browser and then searched the browser for traces left behind. East-tec Eraser thoroughly removes your internet browser data. We were not able to find any remnant internet activity using recovery software.

In addition to erasing information from your computer’s internet browsers, this history eraser removes data remnants from Windows. Deleting a file using Windows does not completely remove the contents from your hard drive. This privacy software wipes temporary files, your recycle bin, computer and run history, clipboard, SWAP file, and recent files list from Windows.

To ensure your data is permanently erased, east-tec Eraser meets and exceeds government and industry shredding standards. You can adjust your wiping security level according to the speed and security you see fit for your computer’s data. The software’s erasing methods include the U.S. Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard, the Russian GOST P50739-95 standard, the German VSITR, the Bruce Schneier Algorithm and the Peter Gutmann Method.

After using the file shredder to erase data, we used recovery software to search for any files or data traces left behind on Windows. We were unable to find any data that was used in the file shredder, ensuring this software thoroughly erases your data beyond repair.

In addition to wiping programs, internet browsers and Windows operating systems, the privacy software cleans your email and instant message conversations. The software removes activity traces from AOL, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype to keep your private communications secure. It also can remove data from removable media.

Technical Support

East-tec Eraser has several support options. Its website features a knowledgebase where common problems are addressed and questions are answered. You can also access an online user guide for help navigating the software’s tools. If you need further help, the website lists a technical support email and phone number. We found that the support team were quick to respond to all of our inquiries.


East-tec Eraser protects your privacy and improves your computer’s performance by permanently deleting traces Windows, internet browsers and programs leave behind. Supporting over 300 programs, you can remove unwanted data from your computer and secure your privacy. With a removable media wiper, this software not only protects your privacy by removing data on your computer, but also the media you transfer your files on.

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