Pros / This software can remove files from many browsers, email services and instant messengers.

Cons / ParetoLogic Privacy Controls does not wipe data from removable media.

 Verdict / In addition to being easy to use, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls’ advanced tools thoroughly clean your hard drive and internet browser to levels that exceed U.S. government standards. This software serves as a good option for those that need high levels of security both online and off.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is easy-to-use privacy software that protects your personal data by permanently erasing files and folders containing sensitive information. The scanning engine searches for private information in a number of common areas and does so quickly. While the program is missing some advanced tools that only the top-rated privacy software in our review feature, it effectively cleans Windows and your internet browser of personal data.

The software is robust and flexible, allowing you to select which areas of your computer to scan and wipe. While scanning your entire computer for potential privacy risks can be time consuming, it ensures that your privacy is up to date and secure. Rather than scanning first, you can sort through the Options tab, which displays the parts of your internet browsers, applications and Windows you can wipe data from. You can see a quick preview of each file as it is scanned and then decide which ones need to go. The software has an integrated scheduler, so you can set a specific date and time for the software to run a manual scan or create a routine schedule.

This history eraser looks for potentially dangerous and compromised files, including traces of internet activity and other sensitive data. It detects and deletes confidential passwords, user information and credit card information. Files discovered in the scan can be permanently removed by overwriting the hard disk up to seven times using the file shredder, which exceeds the U.S. government’s standards. This process breaks apart your files into pieces and overwrites the data using algorithms. While files simply deleted on your computer can still be recovered, files shredded with ParetoLogic cannot.

This privacy eraser thoroughly cleans your computer’s Windows and internet browsers, but it does not wipe data from removable media. If this is feature you feel you need, check out east-tec that includes USB scrubbing. It is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. The software wipes data from your internet browser’s address bar history, selected cookies, internet history, temporary internet files, Index.dat files, downloads and autocomplete form data. Removing this data protects your personal information, including emails and passwords, and hides your surfing habits.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls also wipes data from Windows so outsiders cannot access deleted files or recently visited folders. It deletes your computer’s temporary files, recycle bin, run history, computer history, recent files list and SWAP file.

In addition to protecting your internet browsers and Windows, ParetoLogic keeps your personal communications secure with email and instant messenger cleaning options. The software eliminates the history of your interactions in a number of third-party applications, including AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Skype and Windows Live. It can also clean several peer-to-peer file downloading applications, toolbars and video players.

When we tested how effectively ParetoLogic Privacy Controls removes tracks left behind from your computer activity, we found that the program left behind data about both our internet browsing session and files we created on Windows. However, the traces were minimal and did not completely reveal what we were doing on the computer.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls comes with embedded help files and additional online support. You can access an online manual and search for instructions on how to use its privacy tools. The website hosts an informational blog, support articles and technical support email address. We found ParetoLogic’s support team typically responded to our requests within one to two days. Without a listed phone number, email is the only way to contact the software’s support team.

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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls removes sensitive information that could betray your privacy. This privacy software works with a number of browsers and plugins so you can thoroughly remove data from your computer and protect your online privacy. It is a good option that deserves consideration.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls 3 Visit Site

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Internet Explorer

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