Pros / Smart Privacy Cleaner can shred your information to one of three different security levels to ensure your sensitive computer documents are unrecoverable.

Cons / This software lacks several internet browser cleaning tools, leaving your internet activity susceptible to hackers.

 Verdict / While this software does an effective job at permanently deleting data beyond recovery in the parts of your computer it can wipe, it is missing several Windows and internet cleaning tools, leaving areas of your computer vulnerable. If you only need to wipe the most-used areas of your computer, then Smart Privacy Cleaner is a good option.

Smart Privacy Cleaner keeps your computer activity private using privacy software tools to permanently remove data from your computer. While the software lacks many internet browser tools, it effectively shreds important data from your computer’s hard drive

The program has a basic interface with the available tools listed on the top panel. You can choose to scan, shred, protect your identity or look at more options. We found that selecting which files to shred was more difficult with Smart Privacy Cleaner than with our top-rated privacy programs, which have more intuitive interfaces.

Most of the programs we reviewed have a designated place that always displays areas on your internet browser and Windows you can clean. Using Smart Privacy Cleaner, you must run a scan before seeing a detailed view of your internet browsers and Windows to customize which areas you want to erase. Having to scan before gaining access to privacy tools makes the program cumbersome.

This software doesn’t have tools to completely protect your online privacy. It deletes internet search histories and recently viewed webpages, as well as cookies that track your online activity. The software does not remove data from your address bar or delete temporary internet files, index.dat files, downloads and bookmarks. The information this software leaves behind can reveal personal information about you or your computer and internet use. During testing, we found information about what we looked at on the internet before using the privacy software by performing a simple search. Read our review of east-tec if you need more browser cleaning tools.

Smart Privacy Cleaner falls short in browser privacy but makes up for it with an extensive feature set that protects and cleans Windows. The history eraser software removes temporary files, empties your recycle bin, and cleans your computer’s history and recent files list. It also removes downloaded movies, music and videos. You can customize which sites you want to keep cookies for, so you can whitelist cookies for websites you visit often.

This privacy eraser has a file shredder with three different privacy levels, and you can set it to automatically run when you delete files. In addition, you can schedule the privacy software to start scanning when your computer starts up or on a specific day at a chosen time. You can also select how many times you want your files shredded: once, five times or 35 times. However, choosing a higher the level significantly increases the amount of time it takes to shred files. We found the software permanently erased files beyond repair; however, some traces were left behind that could give others an idea of your computer activity.

In addition to wiping your internet browser and Windows, this software removes data from instant messengers, including AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Skype. It does not scan or wipe your email, but does erase log files from recently used applications, documents and URLs. By deleting this data, you keep others from viewing your recent computer activity.

You can access an online user guide inside the software and on the company’s website. The website’s support section only lists an email address for customer service. We found that customer service responded to our requests quickly and the agents were helpful.

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Smart Privacy Cleaner secures your private information with its privacy tools. With a three-level file shredder, your deleted documents are unrecoverable, ensuring you maintain your privacy. While the software lacks some online privacy tools, such as plugin functionality, and may leave traces of internet activity behind, it can effectively secure the data on your computer.

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