Pros / It is easy to set up a system restore point and backup your data with this software.

Cons / Technical support is restricted to email.

 Verdict / While WinSettings Pro covers your tracks and has tools that enhance your privacy and protection from system failures, the software does not effectively shred data from your Windows and internet browsers. It lacks many Windows and internet privacy tools, leaving your computer vulnerable to privacy breaches both online and off.

Editor’s Note: WinsettingsPro has a new version available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to the current version to purchase. We will evaluate any new tools included with WinsettingsPro the next time we test privacy software.

WinSettings Pro privacy software has an extensive set of tools that protect your privacy online. Like its competitors, it covers your tracks, erasing browser history, temporary files and cookies. In addition, this software helps you perform critical system backups by creating restore points and rolling back your computer to an earlier time.

This software has a busy interface. The privacy tools are found on the left panel of the screen or using drop-down menus. We found that this program was not as easy to use as other privacy software we reviewed. It cleans your computer differently than most privacy software, using tools that remove duplicate files, junk files and in-use files.

You can use WinSettings Pro as a history eraser. It permanently deletes documents by shredding files and folders at a level of security consistent with the Department of Defense 5220 22-Mil Standard for sanitizing data. You can wipe Windows on your computer, including its temporary files, recycle bin, run history and computer history. Likewise, it cleans your internet browser’s address bar history, cookies, cached internet files, history of visited sites and autocomplete form data. This software only works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.

When testing the software, we customized it to delete all internet tracks. After wiping the data, we performed a search on the browser looking for sites we had visited and found traces of our internet activity in both the address bar and internet history folder. We found even more data left behind when we used recovery software. This software does not offer secure online privacy.

While this software cleans several parts of your computer and internet browser, it lacks many online privacy capabilities that top-rated privacy software, such as east-tec, offer. For instance, this privacy eraser does not wipe information from your emails, instant messenger conversations or removable media, leaving your personal data at risk. It also does not wipe your computer’s Windows and internet browsers as completely as many other privacy software. During testing, we found that the software left traces of erased files on Windows and information from each site we visited.

Rather than wiping all data at once, WinSettings Pro allows you to shred specific folders at one time. The drop-down menu labeled Clean Tracks allows you to specify which parts of the internet browser or Windows you want cleaned. For example, you can wipe the address bar, internet cache, recycle bin or all history. You can also keep cookies for sites you visit often. In addition, you can create a schedule so the software automatically shreds data at specific times or intervals. This feature makes the program somewhat easier to use and more convenient.

This privacy eraser removes junk and duplicate files to free hard drive space. You can also use it to lock your security settings for Windows and the internet. In addition, you can protect WinSettings Pro with a password so nobody can access the software and alter the security settings or remove folders you have scheduled to be wiped regularly.

WinSettings Pro’s website has resources to teach you how to use the software. It has a frequently asked questions page, as well as a searchable online manual. For further help, you can contact technical support by email. The company does not have phone support for time sensitive problems you may run into. However, the support team quickly responded to all of our inquiries, and they were very helpful in their response.

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WinSettings Pro covers your tracks, locks security settings and creates a restore point to protect your information from prying eyes and system failures. Still, the software is not very intuitive or easy to use, and without phone support, you have to wait for an email response if you have any problems.

Winsettings Pro 10.8 Visit Site

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