Pros / You get 25GB of online storage with this program.

Cons / Though it works on mobile devices, Webroot doesn’t block malware on iOS cellphones or tablets.

 Verdict / Webroot does a good job blocking malware from infecting PCs and Macs, but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection for mobile devices.

Webroot Internet Security Complete did a great job blocking both Windows and Mac malware during our computer protection software testing. It received a 99 percent on Windows tests and 100 percent on Mac tests. Webroot scans Android devices for malware, too, but it doesn’t block or remove threats from iOS devices. While it may take a moment or two to learn where all the tools and functions are on the dashboard, once you figure that out it isn’t difficult to use.

During our antivirus testing on both Mac and PC test computers, Webroot did a great job stopping threats we tried to download or access online through our web browsers. For Windows computers, Webroot has a browser extension that warns you if a website you want to visit is a phishing scheme or is known to have malware downloads or malicious links. This safe browsing feature doesn’t work on Macs, though.

For both Windows and Mac computers and laptops, Webroot includes antiphishing tools and a firewall that works alongside your Windows or Mac firewall. Both also include a password manager and a VPN. On Windows, Webroot’s password manager and safe banking tools work without a problem. You have to purchase a separate program to have both of these available for Mac computers. The Windows component also has a webcam monitoring feature that ensures apps can’t access your webcam without your permission.

Parental controls aren’t available for any device, so if this is a tool you feel is important to have, you may need to purchase a standalone parental control program, or choose another computer protection program, like Kaspersky Total Security, that includes these functions.

Webroot does work on both Android and iOS cellphones and tablets. Both components come with a password manager to help shield your login information for online accounts. Both also have safe browsing that will warn you of a malicious website before you visit it. However, Webroot only scans Android devices for malware. iOS devices are left vulnerable.

Webroot Internet Security Complete is a good program for protecting your PCs or Mac computers and laptops. It’s also a good solution for protecting Android mobile devices. It works on iOS cellphone and tablets, but doesn’t scan them for malware. Also, parental controls aren’t available for any device. Windows and Mac computers do have a VPN, password managers and a personal firewall. 

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