Pros / Kaspersky includes a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers.

Cons / Password management isn’t included with Internet Security, but it is available with the higher-priced Total Security software.

 Verdict / Kaspersky Internet Security offers protection against malware threats without draining your computer of its valuable resources.

Kaspersky Internet Security is among the best internet security software suites available, while Kaspersky Total Security is one of the best premium security software packages around. Both programs are built around the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program, adding additional security tools that effectively protect your computer from malware threats. The main difference is that Kaspersky Total Security has a few extra features and allows more licenses than the more basic Internet Security does. And while Kaspersky isn’t the cheapest solution available, it does include more security features than other programs offer at the same price point.

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Test Results

To form our recommendations for security software, we rely on a combination of common third-party test results and our own in-house testing. Independent gave Kaspersky’s antivirus software a perfect score for malware detection, and in our testing Kaspersky proved capable of detecting less-dangerous threats such as keyloggers, adware and cookies.

In our own tests, both Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security worked fast, connecting us to websites, downloading files and letting us watch videos and play online games during full system scans without much slowdown. Third-party testers did similar testing, and while Kaspersky did cause some slowing of the test computers, it still performed better than other internet security suites.

Scanning & Detection

In addition to protecting against malware, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security protect your computer from spyware rootkits, security exploits and screen lockers. Kaspersky helps keep your information secure and minimizing the risk identity theft by giving you a personal firewall that works in tandem with the security in your Windows operating system. Kaspersky also scans your computer for any vulnerabilities, such as out-of-date software programs, which are often the weak points where ransomware and hackers can break into your system.

In addition to its anti-malware features, Kaspersky’s internet security programs provide anti-phishing tools, which warn you about the safety of sites and block access to webpages designed to maliciously gather your personal information.

While not included with the Internet Security suite, a file shredder is a part of the Total Security software. This shredder completely erases files, including malware, from your computer so that they cannot be restored in the future. This means virus-corrupted files will not be simply isolated; these threats are completely removed.

Privacy & Protection

Both of Kaspersky’s security packages include a virtual keyboard. This prevents keyloggers from monitoring what you press on a physical keyboard, so they can't collect your logins, passwords and credit card numbers.

Kaspersky Internet Security doesn’t have any additional password protections, but Kaspersky Total Security does include a password manager that saves your login credentials within a secure program.

Parental controls are included with both of Kaspersky’s internet security suites. These tools let you block websites and content either by adding a site’s URL to the block list, or by selecting a filter category, such as adult content, gambling and alcohol. Kaspersky also has a keyword list where you can input any word or phrase that you want your child to be prohibited from both seeing and typing. This is a good way to keep track of cyberbullies and predators who may use dangerous words, such as “home alone” or “don’t tell.” You can also use the keyword list to keep your child from sharing personal information online. Kaspersky also has time controls, so you can block access to the internet during school hours, bedtimes or until after homework and chores are done.

Kaspersky hosts an online FAQs page and, an online knowledgebase, or you can ask the virtual agent any questions you have. And you can reach support in other ways, including telephone, email or online chat anytime, day or night. You can also receive help with errors involving installation, configuration and product functionality.


Kaspersky software protects your computers in real time against malware. It provides safety from identity theft and phishing, and it also secures your online financial transactions. Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security software programs have proven effective repeatedly in independent software evaluations and our own testing, showing it is a good means of protecting your home computer and keeping it running smoothly.

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