Pros / Its Bayesian filter learns to recognize sophisticated spam messages written specifically to you.

Cons / This program doesn’t work on mobile devices.

 Verdict / SpamBully is the best antispam program. It’s easy to install, filters messages by country and includes a Bayesian filter.

SpamBully is a standalone spam filter program that is easy to install and set up. It works best with Microsoft Outlook and integrates with it as a toolbar. However, there is a version available that supports IMAP and POP3, so you can use SpamBully to filter messages sent to free email accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

The software’s biggest drawbacks are it only works on computers and laptops running Windows and it isn’t compatible with mobile devices. If you need mobile email spam blocking, we suggest checking out MailWasher Pro.

This program filters by IP address, country of origin and email address. SpamBully connects to public block lists and community lists and uses them to keep messages from known spam senders out of your inbox. You can also add individual addresses to the program’s block list.

If you don’t want to take the time to set the block filters, SpamBully lets you do the opposite and add contacts to a whitelist. With this option, only messages from whitelisted senders get through to you. SpamBully automatically adds a new contact to the allowed list when you send a message to someone or respond to their message. This can be problematic, however, since messages from everyone else, including new contacts, are sent to the spam folder until you add them to the whitelist.

The more you add email addresses to your block list, the smarter SpamBully gets. It uses a Bayesian filter and other learning tools to look for messages designed specifically for you, like a sweepstakes offer announcing you won a prize that mentions you by name.

This Bayesian filter also lets you block messages based on trick names – a tactic where a spammer uses a slight variation of a legitimate source’s name to make messages look official. For example, a message may come from eBaay rather than eBay. It also catches messages that spell your name wrong. In addition, this filter checks that the name in the sender’s email address matches the name used to sign the message and blocks it if they aren’t the same.

Bayesian filters work alongside non-intrusive learning patterns, or NILP tools, to learn your email sending and reading habits. After a while, SpamBully knows which messages to filter and which to let through based on your preferences. For example, if you always ignore or delete messages with sweepstakes offers, SpamBully eventually learns to recognize these emails and sends them to your spam folder. The opposite is also true. If you want weekly newsletters from your favorite bloggers, the more to you open and read them, the less likely SpamBully will block them in the future.

SpamBully has live telephone support, and a representative can walk you through the installation and setup process if you need help. You can also search for answers to questions in the company’s knowledgebase, which includes FAQs.

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SpamBully is the best standalone antispam software we reviewed. It integrates well with Outlook, but you can use it on its own with free email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. It filters messages by country, IP address and sender. In addition, it looks for trick names spammers use and learns your email habits to blocks messages. SpamBully only works on Windows computers and laptops, not Macs and mobile devices.

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