UltimateDefrag offers six different ways to defragment you hard drive and organize how files are stored. The software analyzes your computer's hard drive based on how often you access your files. It also has an option to simplify your choices. If you don't know exactly what you want to do, UltimateDefrag 4 can show you exactly where to start.

UltimateDefrag gives you a few options for defragmenting your hard drive: You can schedule scans or turn on the automatic defragmenter. The automatic feature defrags your hard drive during idle moments, so you don't have to wait for manual scans.

Once the program figures out which files you access most frequently, it positions them for immediate access. This disk defragmenter archives older files as well, pushing them to the far corners of your storage drive. This makes more room for newly saved files and prioritizes your most important information. One advanced feature is FragProtect, which allows you to test different defragmentation methods.

If you have specific programs that you don't often use but want running at top efficiency, such as a favorite computer game, you can designate it for special attention. In addition to selecting which files should be slated for high performance or archiving, you can program specific criteria to help the program decide as well. This is handy because as you add files, you won't need to manually tell UltimateDefrag how to treat them.

If you want a program to run faster but aren't sure you want to take the time to defrag your files at that time, you can run a defrag simulation. This feature estimates the defragmentation time. UltimateDefrag also tracks the behavior of your files such as frequency of use, how often it defragments and how severely it defragments. It then uses this information to determine priorities when running the computer. That way, it doesn't have to handle all the files every time. This makes the defragmentation process run faster too.

UltimateDefrag is an application you download. The whole download is about 11MB and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems). It's not rated for Windows 8 or 10 or for Mac. It requires one perpetual license for operation and doesn't have recurring fees. This defragmenter requires less than one percent of free hard drive space to function.

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