Pros / The toolbar is easily accessible, allowing you to choose your capture method in a matter of moments.

Cons / When you install the software, Snap 8 also installs a desktop URL shortcut to Your Software Deals.

 Verdict / Ashampoo Snap 8 is one of the best screen capture programs we reviewed, as it allows you to create a variety of end products, including instruction manuals and video tutorials.

Ashampoo Snap 8 provides all the tools you need to capture and edit screenshots. It allows you to apply fixed or free-size regions when recording your screen, and it also has several editing tools like resize, flip, rotate and crop. In addition, this screen capture software are a few options that allow you to add annotations and illustrations to your captures. This makes Ashampoo a great tool for business and educational purposes, and it earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Capture & Editing Tools

You can begin a screen capture with either a fixed or free-size region. The free-size option includes rectangles, ellipses, circles and free-hand shapes. Ashampoo also has several filters that help customize your screen captures by altering colors, sizes and edge effects.

The time-lapse feature is one that makes Snap 8 stand out. When you apply the effect to videos or still images, Snap turns them in to time-lapse videos. This can be great for educational or business purposes, especially if you are showing things like the construction of a building or the growth of a plant. This is similar to using the timer feature to record a single screenshot every couple of seconds.

Ashampoo Snap is very light on your system, which means your computer doesn't slow down while you capture images or record videos of your screen. This is important from a quality standpoint, especially with recording videos, as system-intense programs cause videos to lag. This program records videos seamlessly. Additionally, the software creates relatively small file sizes when left on default settings. This means you don’t have to mess around with the program to produce images that are easy to upload to social media sites.

Ease of Use

Once you download Ashampoo, it offers instructions that walk you through the system. Although this can be very helpful in the beginning as you are learning how to use the software, it can become a nuisance over time. The instructions pop up in a window that covers a large portion of the screen, and you have to click through several pages to close the window. You can dismiss these instructions and keep them from popping up in the future. That being said, it’s much better for a program to offer instructions that are too extensive than offer no help at all.

Ashampoo Snap is an easy-to-use program, and it includes a quick-access toolbar, which allows you to quickly record videos or take screen shots without having to first open the program. When you move your mouse to the top of the screen, the toolbar appears, and you can capture your screen image. Another great feature Ashampoo Snap offers is the ability to upload screen captures to Facebook directly from the program. This is a necessity if you want to share your screenshots and videos with your friends and followers quickly.

Although Ashampoo Snap installs quickly and with no major complications, the program also installs a desktop shortcut called Your Software Deals. You cannot opt out of installing this bloatware. This desktop shortcut opens up your web browser and goes to Ashampoo's website, offering more software from the company. Although it doesn't appear malicious and is very easily removed, it is still a nuisance. Aside from this minor frustration, installing Snap 8 is fast and effortless.

File Formats

Ashampoo allows you to create screenshots and videos in more file formats than any other program we reviewed. If you need to capture images of your screen, you can save them in some of the most popular formats, including JPG, PNG and PDF. You can also save your screen recordings in MP4, WMV and AVI formats. With these options, you can create high-quality large files to save on your computer or good-quality small files to share online. The program also supports input from cameras and scanners.

Help & Support

We were very impressed with how quickly Ashampoo representatives respond to emails. The company does not offer phone support, but you can expect responses to your emails within a few hours. There is a FAQs section on the company’s website, though it's not extensive. You can pay for premium support, which gives your emails priority over others.

You can download the program and test it out before you decide to buy it, but the trial period only lasts 10 days, which is the shortest amount of time of all the screen recorders we reviewed. Long trial periods allow you to really see whether or not a program work with your needs.


Ashampoo Snap is a great screen capture software option. The program makes it easy to capture images from your computer, and the extra tools allow you to add notes and other effects like borders and drop shadows. The interface is simple with plenty of tools lining both sides of the capture screen, making it easy to navigate. This is definitely one of the best screen capture tools on the market.

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