Pros / Using this program, you can capture videos and games.

Cons / This software doesn’t have special effects features or freehand capabilities.

 Verdict / CaptureWiz Pro works well for taking screenshots and capturing images, but it does not have a full set of editing and capture tools.

CaptureWiz Pro is screen capture software that allows you to capture still and moving images in a variety of formats. But for a lack of editing and capture options, as well as a low system performance score, it would have ranked higher on the list.

This screenshot software captures images through one small interface, about the size of a disposable lighter. It has six buttons, and each one is for a different capture option. They include Area, Full, Frame, Scroll, Video and Audio. The interface contains pull-down menus to access capture options, as well as the videos and images you've already captured.

This screen recording software lets you capture video and audio from your computer screen, and it can also capture images from videogames. However, the program does not have any special effects you can add to enliven your images, something you find on the best screen recorder systems. There are no options for circle, ellipse, polygon or freehand screenshot captures.

The Frame capture draws a thick, yellow rectangle that can be moved with your mouse to wrap and capture any image on your screen. With the Scroll option, you can capture websites, spreadsheets and long documents, including portions that don't appear on the screen. The Area capture option is a grab tool that lets you capture any rectangular image on your screen, and the Full option captures the entire screen.

After you select one of the capture options, the captured image appears in a viewer window. You can flip or rotate the image, create a mirror image, invert colors and change its size. You also can click the Edit button in the toolbar and another window appears to let you further alter your captured screenshot. While all of this sounds simple, we found the system’s performance to be of low quality. The biggest drawback was the unusually large files it created, which take up space on your computer’s hard drive unnecessarily.

Using the editor, you can add text, lines, colors and shapes, as well as resize and crop your image. You can even set the image as your wallpaper on your computer screen. These features are handy, but CaptureWiz Pro lacks other standard special effects such as fadeouts, page tears and blurs.

This screen capture software lets you email captured images and screenshots to friends and associates from the program. Help and support is offered via email, and the company has tutorials that teach you how to use the software and help you troubleshoot.

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  1. This score is based on how impactful the software had on our test machine.
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  2. 8  CaptureWiz Pro
    60.0 Percentage
  3. 1  Snagit
    100.0 Percentage
  4. 100.0 Percentage
  5. 85.0 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    79.5 Percentage


CaptureWiz Pro gains points for its video and game capture abilities. Its viewer and editing windows are simple and modern, and its capture and editing features work well but not flawlessly. It lacks some features and editing options available in other applications and had a few performance problems in our testing, but overall, it’s good screen capture software for anyone with basic screenshot needs.

CaptureWiz Pro 5.4 Visit Site

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