Pros / This software captures images in many different shapes.

Cons / There are no editing features for the videos you capture.

 Verdict / ScreenHunter Pro is great screen capture software for anyone who needs to capture and edit images and screenshots, but its lack of video capture holds it back.

Editor's Note: There is a new version of ScreenHunter available. Clicking on the buy button will take you to this updated version for purchase. We will test the new version when we next update our screen capture software reviews. For now, enjoy our review of ScreenHunter Pro 6.

ScreenHunter Pro is easy to use and works well to capture images, objects, entire screens, webpages and much more. It is solidly made screen capture software with a host of features, capture options and editing tools to manipulate, enhance and prepare images for presentations, lectures, instruction manuals and other projects.

One of the best features of this screen recorder is its main user console. The ten capture options take screenshots in nearly any shape or size you want. You can create shapes, capture the whole screen, create a scrolling capture among other options. It also lets you import images from outside sources, such as cameras and scanners, and you can print multiple-page layouts. Its quick toolbar works with any image or screenshot smoothly and efficiently.

The ScreenHunter Image Editor lets you insert text to explain or illuminate screenshots. Using this software, you can add artistic effects to your images. For example, the Patterned Glass effect makes images look as if they are being seen through an obscured bathroom window. You can also use the Erode function, which cuts out rectangular or square sections of photos and slides them somewhere else on the image. These are purely for artistic effect.

In addition, you can change images to grayscale, as well as alter their brightness and contrast. This screenshot software can rotate screenshots, and can mirror images or flip them. You can add borders, crop and resize all the images captured from your screen.

You have the ability to capture video with this program. You can record the video of your screen as you use it or film using your webcam. The drawback is that this program doesn’t have any video editing features, so you’ll need to get an additional program if you want to fine tune your videos.

The manufacturer of this screen capture software offers phone and email support, and it has FAQs and step-by-step guides on its website. The online material is flush with screenshots showing tips and techniques for using the software. Ordering, installation, licensing, upgrades, compatibility and troubleshooting are all explained online.

ScreenHunter Pro is worth a look at if you need simple capture functions. It offers many features and options for capturing and saving screenshots, objects, windows and images from your computer's screen. And although it lacks things such as video editing tools, it should suit the needs for screen capture software users.

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