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Special needs students who require a tutoring service would benefit greatly from the homework help and supplemental learning services can offer.


  • Programs tailored to special needs students
  • Each tutor has a degree in Special Education
  • Free consultation


  • Cost not disclosed until consultation
  • No details on subjects taught
  • Foreign languages not included

While most tutoring services are suitable for students across all ages and grades levels, they do not specifically cater to the needs of special needs students. Students with learning difficulties often have individualized education programs, otherwise known as an IEP plan  (Individualized Education Program), which means that their curriculum is tailored to their abilities. is the best site to help students with special needs that’s also capable of following each individualized plan, earning it a place on our list of the best online tutoring services. Although other sites like Club Z! can help students with learning differences, none specialize in these needs like review: Platform’s parent company,, is one of the leading online resources for parents of special needs children, making it a great place to start if you are a parent of a child with different learning abilities. Regardless of where you are, it’s likely that you experience some frustration with the regular education system, which needs a lot of improvements and cannot give special needs students all the attention they need and deserve. To help your child, we recommend that you look at if you think one-on-one online tutoring could benefit your student.

Sadly, the website itself is a little outdated. The large font and excess of capitalized words can throw site visitors off, as can an excess of pop up ads and prompts to purchase guides and other materials. The poor design of the site is not suggestive of the quality of the tutors, though and, thankfully, students won’t be connecting with tutors through the website itself. does not dictate which applications are used to connect students and tutors, but highlights the heavy use of technology - all programs include online writing tools, video capability, and a session recording option. 

Because of the sensitive nature of tutoring special needs students, we were glad to see that offers a free consultation to find out if a family’s needs can be met, and if online tutoring is the right option. Parents simply need to fill out a form and request a consultation, making the process easy and inviting - a welcome respite from the frustration parents often experience in trying to get their special needs student the help he or she needs. 

Because each student’s plan is personalized, the cost varies by student, and is therefore not disclosed on the website. This will make it difficult for families experiencing financial strain to try reaching out, but because the consultation is free, we recommend that they do. indicates in its FAQ section that sessions start at $25, but it is unclear as to whether or not that is a common rate or the bare minimum. 

Parents are also unable to browse tutor profiles before committing to a tutor for their student. This is an option popular for other online tutoring sites like Wyzant, but is not something parents can do on, which is a shame. review

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Despite the fact that parents are unable to view tutor profiles, they should rest assured that whoever is assigned to help their student, all tutors are certified to work with special needs children and have a degree in Special Education, and that most have a Masters degree. That means that they’re qualified to help students of all grades, abilities, and ages. highlights the fact that its service can help students aged 4 through 65 - that’s certainly a wide range! isn’t just a site for special education. It’s also a site for parents of students who are experiencing difficulty learning without being diagnosed with a learning disability. With such a vast amount of students nearly overwhelming the school system, not every student can have the individualized attention they need - and can help them too. 

While the site can help nearly every student, it can’t help in every subject. There was no indication of what subjects the tutors specialize in. We’re certain that they can handle middle school and high subjects, like algebra and geometry - but can they help older students with economics, or even advanced level biology? only mentions that tutors cannot help students in foreign languages, but parents would need to sign up for the free consultation to know more about the service based on their child’s needs. offers three types of services: the Homework Help Tutoring Program, Enhanced Program, and the Homeschool Program. These are not tiers of service, but rather different focuses - some students may only need help completing assignments, while others need more in-depth supplemental learning. These services combined make for a comprehensive solution for learning outside the classroom, while other sites will only focus on one or the other. Parents need not to worry: they don’t need to pick just one, and their student’s plan can combine different aspects across all three services. This should be encouraging for those who are not sure if SpecialEdTutoring is the right fit - again, there’s no harm in signing up for the free consultation. Regardless of the type of help you opt for, tutors are trained to follow your student’s IEP plan or to otherwise create a specialized learning plan based on your child’s abilities - something that tutors who teach through other sites cannot do. Details

Grades: Ages 4 through 65, regardless of grade
Price: Starting at $25 per session, rates personalized at the time of consultation
Subjects: Most subjects, with the exception of foreign languages
Programs: Homework help, supplemental learning tutoring, homeschooling help
Times available: Tutors work with clients’ schedules review: Learning tools does not highlight any learning tools other than the online writing tools mentioned by the site. prefers to focus on the one-on-one and individualized tutoring that students can benefit from. Ultimately, it’s the tutor’s attention and flexibility that will eventually help the student, not online tools - but we think that it can’t hurt to have them. In that regard, the site is not transparent at all, and should implement additional learning tools that can help parents teach their kids outside the classroom and outside tutoring hours. If your child loves to create flash cards or likes playing learning-based games, you will have to find those programs elsewhere. 

Should I choose

If you are the parent of a special needs child and need help boosting his or her grades, we recommend looking into and signing up for a free consultation. It’s not the most up-to-date site, and does not have the best tools, but the personalized attention a tutor can offer is much more than a tutor at any of the other best online tutoring services can. Even if your student hasn’t been diagnosed with a learning disability and is still struggling to follow in class, inquire about how can be of service. 

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