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Rev It Up Reading Review

In some ways, Rev It Up Reading is very different than the other speed reading programs we reviewed – it’s more of an online course than an interactive software.

Our Verdict

We like programs that combine instruction with a robust set of digital tools. Rev It Up Reading provides one without the other.


  • You can contact an attentive instructor while enrolled in the course.


  • The program doesn’t use digital tools to improve your skills. Instead, you provide your own materials.
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In some ways, Rev It Up Reading is very different than the other speed reading programs we reviewed – it’s more of an online course than an interactive software. You can try the program’s one-day free trial to get a sense of how it works, and a week-long, full-access pass costs $49. It costs $199 to use the program for three months and $299 to use it for a year.  The course includes access to nine modules and about five hours of content, so it seems doable to move through everything in a week. 

Rev It Up Reading’s course is very structured. You move through its modules to learn more about speed reading, and each one consists of slides with narration, much like a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation. In case you prefer to read rather than listen, you can see the narrator’s script in a window to the left of the main screen. Once you complete a module, you can repeat exercises and activities at anytime, as long as you are still enrolled in the course. 


Other programs come preloaded with enjoyable reading material for you to practice with. For example, our top pick, 7 Speed Reading, includes more than 20,000 eTexts – you select the text you want to use in all the tests and exercises so you can improve your speed while reading a book you’re interested in. Rev It Up Reading comes with one eTextbook, “10 Days to Faster Reading.” 


Also, other programs let you import material, such as an eBook, or insert a URL to read from while you practice, but Rev It Up Reading doesn’t. Instead, it wants you to practice with your own printed materials. While it’s nice that the program encourages you to implement the skills you’re learning practically, it’s also weird that you need to provide your own reading material.


The course includes some printable material, including several workbooks that follow along with the modules, though you can rely on the digital content onscreen. Some of the slides are interactive and give you the opportunity to apply the concepts you learned in that section. 


Rev It Up Reading’s progress reports are pretty simplistic – other programs we reviewed include more in-depth tools, charts and graphs. You get an update on your progress at the end of each module, and you take some assessments during the program. 


You can contact the course’s instructor via email, and the program promises a response within 24 hours. Once you complete the course, you can print a certificate.  Also, after you finish the course, Rev It Up Reading contacts you with a few emails to remind you of what you learned.

Taking a class at a university can cost thousands of dollars, so we understand why this online course costs a little more than average. However, other programs are much more affordable, give you more control over your learning experience, and have more content to keep you engaged than Rev it Up Reading. 

Jessica Richards
Jessica is a senior writer and product researcher at Top Ten Reviews. She evaluates software services and programs as well as printers. Jessica graduated with a master’s degree in English from Weber State University. In her spare time, she loves to rock climb and bike, and she teaches a writing course at a local university.