StrongVPN review

StrongVPN gives the security its name suggests, but with speed to back it up: this is our StrongVPN review.

StrongVPN review
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StrongVPN lives up to its name well in terms of security and offers a great selection of simultaneous device connections plus Netflix unblocking. But this doe shave its faults including basic apps and a vague privacy policy.


  • +

    Netflix unblocking

  • +

    12 device connections at once

  • +

    Speedy in most cases


  • -

    Basic apps

  • -

    No free trial

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StrongVPN is not without its faults, and sits at the bottom end of our best VPN services list, but to make it there at all means it's still a good service worth considering. StrongVPN focuses on getting the basics right so you are happy, without worrying too much about showing off the myriad features you may never use. For example it'll unblock Netflix - do you need to know how? Probably not, the fact it just works is the appeal here.

You do get strong security for privacy and also have a good selection of payment plans. Also, should you get stuck, there's phone support to help you get access to what you need, wherever you happen to be. Speed is also a big positive here and the use of the latest WireGuard protocol certainly helps add to this VPN service's competitive appeal.

StrongVPN review: Privacy

Why you can trust Top Ten Reviews Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

StrongVPN certainly makes sure security is tight - with a name like that it kind of has to, right? As such you can enjoy the protocols you'd expect to get which include OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, SSTP and the company's own secure DNS system.

But is your data secure? This is likely the case but with a 1,600 word privacy policy on the StrongVPN site, it certainly seems to be a murky way of expressing it. That said, it does explicitly say "We are a zero-logging VPN service". The only data on you that's kept is email and payment information and nothing will be sold to third-parties. Cookies are used on the site but can be disabled. 

Does the company log connections to its service? Which details are included, and how long are they kept? Does the service prioritize or penalize any protocol above another? We've no idea, as there is a lack of transparency on the site.

StrongVPN review: Features and apps

All the usual platforms are covered by StrongVPN using its clients which are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android but also more unique services for Fire TV and Kodi, to name a few.

The clients are pretty basic without features like saving favourites for future access. Unfortunately, there's none of the extra detail you'll often see elsewhere, like with ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. There are a few odd glitches too, like everything being listed in reverse order alphabetically and even if you change it, that reverts back when you re-open. A minor gripe but a good example of how this feels not quite so premium as some of the competition.

You do get the inclusion of a kill switch to block internet traffic, and keep you secure, should your connection fail. There is an option to specify the OpenVPN connection type, from UDP to TCP as well as port. A scramble function is useful for bypassing VPN blocking and there's also some decent diagnostic help.

StrongVPN review: Good at most things

StrongVPN is a solid all-rounder (Image credit: StrongVPN)

StrongVPN review: Speed

StrongVPN gave us some decent speed test results. On a 475Mbps connection in the US we were able to get median speeds of up to 215Mbps with a low of 130Mbps. Over in the UK, on a 75Mbps line, we got 65Mbps which is impressively only a six percent drop on speeds without the security of a VPN.

If speeds aren't up to what you need then you can use the support site to troubleshoot and potentially get some more speed out of your connection that way. Or you can investigate services like IPVanish, which are quicker.

StrongVPN: Pricing

StrongVPN pricing is decent although for a month to month rate you're going to need to pay $10 per month, which is the industry standard.

If you commit to a little more long term then you can cut that cost down. A 12 month service at $69.96 total will work out at just $5.83 per month which is a decent amount, undercutting a lot of the competition. It isn't the most competitive, nor the most expensive.

Should I buy StrongVPN?

If you want a zippy connection speed with options to change security settings and a clear no logging policy, that's backed by good protocols, then StrongVPN could be for you. 

The service offers a generous 12 simultaneous device connections at once but also has clients for services like Kodi and Fire TV. Netflix unblocking is also a big appeal here.Prices are under the average but the apps are basic and the lack of free trial isn't great.

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