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eCampus Textbooks review

eCampus Textbooks is a good all-round rental option, with the chance to buy and sell textbooks included.

eCampus Textbooks review
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Our Verdict

A good textbook rental site that offers a fairly standard service. It's great that you can read a digital version of the book while you wait for delivery, but we found that returns could be easier.


  • Flexible rental options
  • Free returns
  • Read the eBook while you wait


  • Returns could be easier

eCampus Textbooks is a site that offers some of the best textbook rentals online. It offers services that let you buy, rent and sell textbooks, and download eTextbooks, so it's very much an all-in-one service. eCampus offers multiple rental terms and also generates automatic quotes for textbooks that you might want to sell, which is great if you're looking to make quick money at the end of a semester. It's a reliable company too, offering textbook rentals in various forms for well over two decades, so you know you can trust eCampus.

You can opt to rent books for 30 or 90 days, or for an entire quarter or semester if it's a particularly vital book, making eCampus one of the top companies for flexible rental dates. You can also choose between three different eTextbook rental durations: 180 days, one year, or lifetime access. Again, this really does provide much-needed flexibility.

Just like with Amazon Textbooks or Chegg Textbooks, you can read the electronic version of a textbook while you wait for the physical version to arrive, if it's available. This option solves the common problem that many students face of not knowing which books will be used in a class until partway through the semester. With the complimentary digital copy available while you wait for your book to be shipped, you can read and stay up to date.

eCampus will ship your books for free if you order over $35 of textbooks, but no matter the cost of the books you order, this company lets you track your orders digitally so you know when your books are scheduled to arrive. In terms of shipping costs, that compares well next to other textbook rental services. When our test book arrived, however, we weren’t very impressed with the envelope that it arrived in. To return the book we had to find our own box, although returns are free and it's easy to find the send-back address on the eCampus website.

eCampus Textbooks review

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When you rent a textbook from this company, you can highlight up to a third of the content. However, if your highlighting and note taking is deemed to be excessive you’ll have to pay for the full retail price of the book.

If it turns out you need to keep your textbook for longer than your initial rental period, eCampus lets you pay an extra fee and extend your rental for 15, 30, 60, 90 or 130 days, which is standard, but a handy feature nonetheless.

Elsewhere on the site, you can outright buy and sell textbooks, which is a nice option. If you've finished with a bunch of texts, and you're in need of cash, shifting them on eCampus is relatively easy and you'll always have a captive audience of buyers. While you're likely more accustomed to Amazon or eBay, eCampus' strength here is that you're selling direct to other students, not just people casually browsing for textbooks.

eCampus is a great option if you need to rent textbooks and read a digital version while you wait for your physical copy to arrive. This textbook rental company offers a good selection of rental periods, and you can highlight and take notes in moderation without having to pay the full retail price of a replacement.