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Founded in 1898, Goodyear has been developing and manufacturing car tires for nearly as long as cars have been on the road. And along the way, this brand has often led the rubber industry with new tire technology (and blimp-led marketing).

Our Verdict

Goodyear is a little more expensive on average than most tire brands, but this is largely because of its wide range of affordable and high-performance tires. When you consider the above-average tread-life warranties, it's clear why Goodyear is one of the biggest and most popular tire brands in the world.


  • There are more performance options per tire size than other brands.


  • The average prices are slightly over the market average.
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Founded in 1898, Goodyear has been developing and manufacturing car tires for nearly as long as cars have been on the road. And along the way, this brand has often led the rubber industry with new tire technology (and blimp-led marketing). While Goodyear isn't the most affordable tire brand on average, the many performance options per tire size is impressive and provides a greater range of competitive pricing and performance than other brands. In addition, the overall tread-life warranties are above-average. And unlike most tire brands, you can buy tires directly from Goodyear and have them shipped for free to the local service station of your choosing. For these reasons, Goodyear is my pick for the best tire brand overall.


To evaluate the prices of Goodyear, I recorded the prices of every tire option for common sedan sizes, SUV sizes and truck sizes. (The evaluation isn't a complete evaluation of every Goodyear tire, but of the most common sizes.) Overall, Goodyear emerged with affordable average prices for SUV and truck tires, but was a little more expensive on the sedan tires.

For sedans, Goodyear's average price per tire was $108, about $6 more expensive than the average sedan tire. By comparison, Cooper Tires cost an average of $73 for the same tire sizes. However, Goodyear offers more tire options, with some tires priced in the low $90 range and premium performance tires priced closer to $120. In other words, while the average price is more than some brands, you can likely find an affordable all-season tire option.

Similar to sedan tires, the SUV tire prices are more expensive than most tire brands at around $178 per tire. But with far more performance options than other tire brands, the prices vary a lot. This means you can find an all-season SUV tire competitively priced with a Cooper tire, but you can also choose a premium, high-performance tire. For example, the Goodyear Kelly Edge A/S costs just $128 per tire, but the Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tires cost $200 per tire.

Goodyear's truck tires are far more affordable compared to other truck tires at $205 per tire. With 15 tire options for the most common truck tire size, there is a wider range of prices, from affordable all-season tires as low as $169 and high-performance all-terrain Kevlar-lined tires at $226.

In addition, Goodyear is among the few tire brands where you can buy the tires directly from the brand's website while receiving free shipping to your local service station for installation. This adds value to the brand and makes it much easier to track your purchase and make a claim on a tread-life warranty if the tires turn out to be a dud.

Tread-Life Warranty

Goodyear's tread-life warranty covers 31 tire series. This covers nearly every tire Goodyear manufactures, with the exception of winter tires. That said, most tire brands don't have tread-life warranties for winter tires. By comparison, only Michelin covers more tire series (54), but few of its series match the same tread-life as Goodyear.

Goodyear's best tread-life warranty, the Assurance MaxLife, has 85,000 miles. This an all-season tire with a price starting at just $97 per tire. Some brands have warranties with mileage as high as 90,000 and 100,000 miles, but these are premium series at a premium price. Goodyear beats them with an affordable tire with a slightly lower mileage expectation.

On average, Goodyear's tread-life warranties have a mileage of 59,000 miles. This is about 3,500 miles above the market average for tread-life warranty mileage. Only Continental and Pirelli have higher average mileage, but both tire brands also don't cover as many tire series.

One of the valuable features to every Goodyear tire is the 30-day road test period. You can drive on your tires for a month and send them back for a full refund if you're not happy with the performance. Only a few tire brands offer longer road test periods on every tire they sell. Some don't provide any such assurances at all.

Performance Options

When it comes to performance options, Goodyear beats every tire brand, with only Cooper coming close to offering the same number of performance options per tire size. Using the tire finder tool, I searched for tires fitting the three most common sizes on a 15-, 16- and 17-inch rims for passenger vehicles. Goodyear averaged 8 options on the 15-inch rims, 16 options on the 16-inch rims, and 13 options on the 17-inch rims. The options for each of these rim sizes is double the average other brands have. Cooper averaged the same number of 15-inch rim options, but was well below on the bigger rims.

The truck tire options were also impressive. I searched for the six most common tire sizes fitting rims between 16- and 18-inches, and Goodyear averaged 11 options with each size. Some sizes had as many as 15 options. Only Cooper averaged more options, albeit just barely. By comparison, both tire brands offered triple what other brands offered for the same sized truck tires.

With more performance options per tire size than other tire brands, good tread-life warranties and competitive prices, Goodyear is the best tire brand overall. Having more options fitting your rim means you have a greater chance of finding the right performance tire at the right price.

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