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Top 10 Ant Farms

Top 10 Ant Farms

With the help of our review site on ant farm stores, you know where buy your ant farms. This top ten list will now help you decide what ant farm to buy. Click on an image of an ant farm to visit a top-rated site that sells it.

 Insect Lore Anthill Ant Habitat

This ant farm is built to resemble real ant hills. Covered in a lockable glass dome, this ant farm gives you a 360  view of your ants as they eat, drink and dig tunnels in the habitat. This ant farm is available with live ants included from Butterfly-gifts.

 Uncle Milton Ant Farm

This is the classic sand-filled ant farm from Uncle Milton. The four tubes on the sides of the farm can be used to connect additional farms, or can be sealed with the included plastic caps. Unlike gel-filled kits, sand-filled ant farms require you to provide food and water for your ants.

EcoSystem Ant Lantis: Fantasy Island Adventure Ant Habitat

This ant farm has upper and lower areas for the ants to explore, connected by plastic tubes. Along the sides of the lower living area are trays perfect for growing small plants. This fun design adds an additional layer of fun to an already fascinating toy.

Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere 8-Pods

This relatively new product appeared on shelves in early 2010 and represents a whole new take on ant farms. The kit comes with eight "pods," several tubes and connectors that you assemble into a space-age looking ant habitat. All parts are transparent so you can observe your ants as they move through the habitat and use the pods for different purposes.

Rainbow Ants

This unique sand-filled ant farm comes layered with multicolored sand. As your ants dig tunnels and move the excavated sand to the top of the habitat, the colors mix together. As with other sand-filled habitats, Rainbow Ants requires you to provide food and water for your ants.

AntWorks TVQuarium

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm - Red Gel

This Ant Farm by Fascinations comes filled with space-age gel that provides your ants with all the water and nutrients they need. The illuminated LED base shines a light through the red gel for a clearer look at the ants as they dig tunnels. Most of the ant farm stores we reviewed carry gel ant farms in blue or green, but the red version is a little more rare. This kit also comes with two magnifiers so you can get an even closer look at your ants.

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm - Blue Gel

This is the most readily available illuminated gel ant farm on the market, filled with a blue nutrient-rich gel that will sustain your ants completely, so you never have to add food or water to your ant farm. The LED base shines through the tunnels and illuminates your ants, giving you a clearer view while you observe their behavior.

Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony by Uncle Milton

The Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony is a lot like other gel-based ant farms we listed, but this one has tiny tubes on the sides with which you can connect multiple farms together. As with other gel kits, this ant farm is self-sustained and does not require you to add food or water.

AntWorks Colors of Life Color Changing Ant Farm

This is another new addition to the ant farm market, offering the same nutrient-rich space-age gel found in other AntWorks habitats but with the addition of a color-changing LED base that continuously cycles through several colors. This ant farm is truly a conversation piece. You will be the envy of all your guests!