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Top 10 Products to Help Teachers Harness Their Chi

As a hard-working teacher, you know that as much as you love and enjoy your students, they can also push you to the brink of tearing your hair out   especially that one kid who is always getting into trouble by putting a tack on your chair or a rubber snake in your desk. Instead of going home at night and being stressed out, you should take the chance to relax and enjoy your down time with our top 10 relaxing ideas for teachers. You may enjoy them so much that you decide to carry a few of these to school with you and enjoy them at lunch to keep you calm, cool and collected in front of your students.

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1. Noise-cancelling Headphones
Sennheiser PXC 450

After a long day at school with rowdy students, a good set of noise-cancelling headphones could be your only way back to sanity before doing it all again the next day. Putting the Sennheiser PXC 450 noise-cancelling headphones on your head and letting the music flow so easily into your ears can take you away from the day's commotion and ruckus, letting you harness your chi. They can also easily accompany you to school every day and give you a brief moment to gather your thoughts during your coveted down time.

Weekend getaways can help you keep your calm until that long summer vacation rolls around and a compact digital camera is the perfect companion. Capturing all your weekend adventures is easy with the Fujifilm FinePix F550EXR, which comes equipped with a unique GPS Geotagging feature that automatically embeds your location into each photo. This compact digital camera also features 16 megapixels. You'll get phenomenal photos without having to carry a large camera. And for all you history teachers, capturing all your historical adventures could come in handy as good examples for upcoming lessons.

With the amount of books and papers teachers often lug back and forth between school and home, finding space in your bag for that book you're reading for pleasure can be a struggle. An eBook reader is the perfect solution. The Kindle Touch is small, lightweight and most importantly, can hold loads of those books you enjoy reading. You might even be able to download some books you'll use for lessons   cutting back on the amount of books you'll have to stuff in your bag every day. With 4GB of internal storage space and the ability to add more, you'll have plenty of room for the books that can give you that quick moment of enjoyment during lunch or just after the buses pull away.

A touchscreen cell phone won't only help you stay connected to your family and friends, but it will help you stay connected in many other ways to your life outside of the classroom. Need a moment to unwind after a long day? The Apple iPhone 4S has an app for that, and it can do plenty more for you. With a sleek interface and easy navigation, you'll have no problem using this touchscreen cell phone to keep yourself organized, connected and entertained. Offering calendar alerts and task list reminders, the Apple iPhone 4S can also help you inside the classroom to keep abreast of all that your busy day has in store for you.

All teachers need to be at their best, especially when students rely on them to teach them lessons from how to count on up to trigonometry. So how can you stay sharp and focused and continually improve yourself? Consider podcast software, which will allow you to keep track of your favorite podcasts and automatically download them when new ones become available. You can use podcast software to download and listen to podcasts that will give you tips and tricks on being a better teacher. However, you can also listen to fun podcasts that will help you laugh and enjoy life. Some podcasts may even do both at the same time. Keep your intellect sharp and your mind entertained with your favorite podcasts.

After being the entertainment for dozens of kids all day long, teachers need some time to kick back, relax and concentrate on themselves. They need a chance to recharge their own batteries so they can continue to give to the students. Consider purchasing portable speakers. The idea behind portable speakers is, as the name suggests, that you can bring them with you anywhere you go. But while they are small in size, they are not small in power or output. Imagine grabbing your MP3 player and heading up the canyon to enjoy some time with Mother Nature while listening to your favorite tunes for an afternoon.

Sheet music is a great idea for those teachers who enjoy playing or teaching music. Music is another way that kids can relate to one another and enjoy themselves. Music can even help some kids learn better. Sheet music can also help a teacher to spend their off time doing something they enjoy. By learning new pieces of music they can share with their students, they may also be helping those kids to learn and take an interest in music themselves. Sheet music for a teacher could be the beginning of creating the next Mozart out of one of their students.

The world is becoming less paper-based and more focused on digital and electronic communication with every day that goes by, and a tablet is the perfect gadget for teachers looking to cross over into the new digital world. Tracking grades and homework assignments in an app instead of notebooks is easy with the new iPad. Your students will know how cool you are when you pull out your iPad to take roll and go over the day's agenda, and you'll feel together and calm with all the information for your lessons in one handy place.

9. Laptops

 A hard drive failure could result in the loss of lesson plans, grades, student information, progress reports and more   a teacher's worst nightmare! However, with hard drive recovery services like SalvageData Recovery, you won't have to fear such a disaster. Their success rate of over 90 percent means you won't have to worry that you'll be without your lesson plans, even if they were lost or deleted accidentally. In some situations, SalvageData Recovery can recover your lost information within just one day.