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Top-Rated File Compression Software

The acceleration of technological advances isn't slowing down by any means and nearly everything is becoming paperless and digital. Top Ten Reviews has compared the top-ranking file compression software that takes some stress off an overfilled hard drive and compresses all kinds of files for a more compact storage.

Additionally, file compression software can also perform many other duties including transferring documents, photos and other media to CDs, DVDs or flash drives.

"Just about everything is paperless these days," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "File compression software frees up space on your computer or laptop and helps keep your important information and memories organized."

The Top 3:

1. NCH Express Zip: Earning the top spot on the review, NCH Express Zip flaunts many additional features and options besides file compression. NCH Express Zip can also encrypt data, convert file formats, burn discs and back up files. It's uncomplicated yet capable software that won't intimidate most computer users.

2. WinZip: Boasting a large feature set and a simple interface, WinZap automatically checks for damaged files, repairs files and performs scheduled backups.

3. WinRAR: WinRAR is compatible with many file formats, including 7-Zip, TAR, ACE, CAB, RAR and ZIP to name a few. Additionally, WinRAR is available for both Windows and Mac users.

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What Makes Top-Notch File Compression Software?

The best file compression software products are first and foremost easy to use. They should come with a user interface that's effortless to navigate. Top software will also boast extra tools in the feature set. Each file compression software application was held to the following four standards:

Features: Top-rated file compression software should come with an array of features from basic to advanced for consumers at various levels of computer knowledge. Advanced features should include additional abilities such as encrypting and converting.

Compression: The best file compression software should have an excellent compression rate which will provide additional space in the storage after compressing the files.

Compression Formats: Top file compression software should boast the ability to compress files into the ZIP format and a handful of others.

Extraction Formats: Without an extensive set of extracting formats, file compression software would not be impressive. The best software should be able to extract the most popular kinds of files as wells as a few others in addition.

File compression software helps ease the stress a hard drive is taking by filling up with so much information. This software is a useful tool that provides additional space for storing important data.

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