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All the Right Type 4 Review

All the Right Type is a software package designed for school-age children to help improve their typing.

All the Right Type 4 Review

Our Verdict

The futuristic campus and number of typing games available in All the Right Type makes learning to touch-type fun for children.


  • All the Right Type boasts hundreds of web-based graduated typing lessons your kids can access from any web browser.


  • You cannot create custom lessons or drills in the home version.

All the Right Type is typing software for kids specifically designed for use in schools. While it is not the most modern or feature-rich application on the market, it delivers an array of typing games and a futuristic theme that will help motivate kids to keep typing. The software comes in two versions: one for homeschoolers and a multi-user version for schools.

This software stands apart from other kids typing training programs because it is web-based. This means you do not have to download the software locally. However, there is a downloadable version available. Your children can complete the typing lessons made specifically for kids in any web browser.

The keyboarding lessons take place in a modernistic campus that you and your children can explore while they develop their typing skills. For example, the Learning Lab offers access to more than 100 typing lessons, while the Testing Building provides timed typing tests for kids, so you can assess your their typing speed and accuracy. The campus also hosts a Game Plaza with more than 20 engaging, multi-level typing games. This is twice as many games as Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz offers. Game-based learning is not for every child, but typing games are an effective method of practice for many young typists.

The home version of this software provides a comprehensive curriculum, but it lacks some important features like the ability to create custom lessons, drills or typing tests. Additionally, it lacks an initial skills test to gauge your kids’ current typing abilities. These tests pinpoint where each child should begin in the application. You also won't find any visual typing tutors like Garfield's Typing Pal Deluxe to guide youngsters through the software.

All the Right Type has a great theme and design. Its web-based functionality allows you to build your kids’ typing skills anywhere with an internet connection. It is fun to move from one location to the next to participate in different activities. Each building has its own design and set of tasks, which will help keep them interested. Compared to the best typing software for kids, however, this typing application doesn't offer quite the same breadth of features.