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Web Eye Care Contact Lens review

Web Eye Care is a large and comprehensive optical superstore with customer service front and center.

Web Eye Care Contact Lens review
(Image: © WebEyeCare)

Our Verdict

Web Eye Care offers the most complete and satisfying web shopping experience we've reviewed, but lacks some basic features like subscriptions.


  • Big range
  • Excellent customer service
  • Library of in-depth articles


  • No subscriptions
  • Few discounts

Web Eye Care is a large and comprehensive optical superstore. It’s taken every opportunity to build on the mainstays that people demand from its regular superstores, and has expanded on them via the site. Customer service is front and center, shipping is always free, and there’s a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you dig, there’s a library’s worth of advice, tips and info, but it’s not shoved in your face or left floundering on the front page. It's this wealth of information that raises it above many of the other sites in our guide to the best online contact lenses providers.

Prices are good, and there’s a pretty complete range of prescription and cosmetic lenses. As you’d expect with a general eye care retailer, there’s a ton of related products for you to consider, from glasses to contact lens accessories. Not essential, but convenient, maybe, if you’re buying anyway. Its secure checkout supports Amazon and Apple Pay, as well as PayPal and your good old credit card. It doesn't offer subscriptions, or much in the way of offers or incentives. This is a really well stocked supermarket experience with little fuss and a few welcome extras.

Web Eye Care review: Prices and offers

Prices represent an average discount on the regular retail, and they’ll ask you for your up-to-date prescription details later to speed up the buying process. They offer the widest range of payment methods we’ve seen and offer price comparison to some of their competitors on product pages. Not their cheapest competitors, but it’s a start. AC Lens and Discount Contact Lenses are still cheaper options.

Customer service is definitely one of the best and simplest out there. The guarantees are simple and iron-clad. Shipping is free. Satisfaction or your money back. The company price matches at 101%. We still can’t quite work that one out, but it sounds great. There's a reward points system which also baffled us, but it gives you money off for regular purchases. All these touches are the sort of added bonus you’d expect from a big company with a long history of retail, and they’re really impressive in an internet-only business.

One big disappointment is the lack of subscription service, that’s swiftly becoming the norm among the big providers like 1800 Contacts, and flagship way to order your contacts online. There’s generally a discount that comes with a subscription too, but here there isn’t even a price reduction when you buy in bulk. There’s no doubt that this is a negative, but it’s one of very few that Web Eye Care accrue.

Web Eye Care review: Features and website

Web Eye Care is offering to be all things to all people, and is doing a pretty good job of it, although it can't beat all-rounders like Walmart Contacts. The contact lens section is really well stocked with the names and models you’d expect from a contacts specialist. The site feels big, but the path from choosing you contacts to checkout is remarkable hassle-free. Prices are on the low end of the spectrum and there are there’s a broad range of convenient ways to pay. Its range of contacts covers every rand you want, and included colors and cosmetics, multi-focals and lenses for astigmatism.

There are solutions and accessories available to add to your order (including the Silky Drawstring Pouch – not as exciting as it sounds) and if you’re in the market for glasses they’ve got a wide range of designer and own-brand offerings. Customer service is foremost, there’s a money-back satisfaction guarantee, a 101% price match guarantee and always free shipping on your order. Add a ton of really useful, in-depth information about vision and eyesight, and you’ve got a really comprehensive, all round optical store. Big enough to cover everything, but the contacts section isn’t neglected. Highly recommended for the full service.

If you dig through the menus, you might come across the Knowledge Center, which is a huge resource on all things optical. There are articles on glasses and contact lenses, choice, application, fashion and health. There’s even a section on Industry news which very quickly gets very scientific and detailed. We’ve not seen as in-depth a blog on another vision care site, and we were very pleasantly surprised.


(Image credit: WebEyeCare)

Should I use Web Eye Care?

Web Eye Care sets out a very wide stall and, with care and attention, does enough to make each part of the business feel substantial and complete. Prices are low, and backed by the most robust price match promise in the business. Shipping is free, and satisfaction guaranteed. Ordering is easy, and there are a host of convenient payment methods available. The Knowledge Center is the most comprehensive we’ve come across, and the on-screen price comparisons are a boon. Web Eye Care is the most complete and satisfying web shopping experience in this test. Well worth your time.