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Wedding Photo Slideshow Ideas

Many couples love to share photos with their guests on their wedding day. Today, anyone can create a good photo slideshow and share it with friends using software like PowerPoint. For your wedding day, however, you need more creativity and resourcefulness to create an amazing slideshow that befits the day. Depending upon the photos you wish to use, there are three types of wedding photo slideshows you can create.

All You Need is Love - The first is a slideshow that emphasizes the love between the couple. Most pictures in this slideshow will include both the bride and groom. It can start from when they were dating, romantic holidays and if possible the moment the groom (or bride) proposed.

Everyone Included - Alternatively, you can go for a slideshow that focuses more on the couple and those around them. This includes family, friends and maybe pets. This type of slideshow makes everyone at the wedding feel like an important part of this great moment.

Timeline (Our Love in Review) - Finally, a slideshow that charts the couple s timeline starting from childhood to this moment. It will include funny and cute pictures when each was a baby, awkward teenage pictures and any others that define moments in his or her lives.

A great idea is to create three separate photo slideshows that represent each of the above types. Note that you will need more than one display for this. Certain slideshows, like the one emphasizing the couple, can be played at a specific time. Others, like the one including family and friends, can be set up to play throughout the wedding reception.

Here are some more creative ideas for a wedding photo slideshow.

  • Include the right music. Having the right music play during a slideshow can have a much bigger effect on people than just showing the pictures alone. Most photo slideshow software programs will allow you to add background audio. Be sure to have the right music for the slideshow. For instance, a romantic slideshow requires romantic music, and playful music best accompanies a childhood slideshow.
  • Hunt around for some long forgotten pictures. It will be a pleasant surprise to people when they see these pictures. Ask your relatives and friends if they have any family pictures you can use. Scan the printed ones and include them in your slideshow.
  • Find a wedding photographer who can do some quick editing and provide some wedding pictures on the same day. Include these pictures in the slideshow. You can even have the photographer put together a slideshow featuring only pictures from that day.
  • Include a short video or two in your slideshow. This helps make it more interesting by adding some movement. You can spice it up even more by adding a funny gif involving the bride or groom.

Finally, do not forget to keep it short. The aim is to entertain people and bring up good memories. Anything longer than 10 minutes may bore the audience. Aim for a photo slideshow between six and 10 minutes, unless you have set it up to play throughout the reception.