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Zacks Trade review

Zacks Trade is a slick and well-designed online stock trading service.

Zacks Trade review
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Zacks Trade is an excellent first start for the trader who has a lump sum of money and is willing to put that egg into one slick basket. The platform is well designed, the services are varied and interesting, the technology and tools are well-executed and feature-rich, but the pricing can be a nip in the tail.


  • +

    Intelligent and engaging trading platform

  • +

    International trading available

  • +

    Well-designed website and interface


  • -

    Fees are high with a minimum account fee

  • -

    Commissions higher than competitors

Zacks Trade can trace its origins back more than 40 years, and is part of Zacks Investment Research, the second largest independent equity research firm in North America. Its progress towards becoming one of the best online stock trading (opens in new tab) brokers is marked by a desire to ensure investors have "everything you need to be successful - your OWN way". Altogether, Zacks companies have $5 billion-plus in client assets,  and have completed more than 200 million share trades. 

Zacks Trade review: The basics

Key specifications: Zacks Trade

Account minimum amount: $2500 
Commission fee: Dependent on trade and option
Account fees: Some fees may apply dependent on account, no inactivity or maintenance fees
Investment products: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Mutual Funds, Corporate bonds, Government Bonds

Zacks Trade has a well-developed stock trading platform and offering that should suit the more advanced trader who has already built a portfolio and understands how to get the most from the markets. The high minimum account fee is quite a hurdle for the beginner to leap, especially if they just want to try the markets and see if this is something they want to do. However, you do get access to international stock exchanges, which is a plus, and you get free broker-assisted trading, which is a stand-out service compared to the competition. 

Zacks Trade review: Tools and services

  • Advanced trading platforms
  • Well-designed tools

Zacks Trade offers three different platforms from which to start your trading journey. Zacks Trade Pro, Client Portal and Zacks Trader each have their own pros and cons and are designed to help different types of trader succeed. The active and technical trader will lean towards Zacks Trade Pro which comes with technical research and analysis tools as well as a customizable interface, charts, analysis and insights. 

Zacks Trade review

(Image credit: Zacks Trade )

The platform has a ton of extra features that include Algos, Probability Lab, Basket Trader, Rebalance Portfolio, SpreadTrader and Volatility Lab all offering you research and intelligent analysis options. Client Portal is a more basic platform that’s more focused on admin, trade management and subscriptions, while Zacks Trader is basically a watered-down version of Zacks Trade Pro with a more accessible interface. It’s the diet-friendly version that may be a good place to start if you’re just testing the investment waters for the first time.  

In addition to the platforms above, you can use an app that’s developed for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets called Handy Trader. It’s nowhere near as rich as the desktop platforms, but it is packed full of enough features to ensure you can trade anywhere, on the go. The app has been customized for both the smaller mobile screen and the tablet screen, which is a nice touch that no competitors have considered.

Zacks Trade review: Trading options and Forex

  • Good investment portfolio
  • International trading

The one thing that Zacks Trade doesn’t have, which is really surprising, is a list of all the different investment products it has on offer. No link, no dedicated page, just no way of knowing unless you head off to Pricing. There you’ll find out how Zacks Trade will charge you for your stock trading based on the products on offer. That said, the range of products is on a par with most of the leading platforms on the market and you also get the option to trade stocks internationally, something not many platforms offer you. You can trade stocks with Canada and Mexico along with 17 other countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Zacks Trade may expect you to pay a minimum account fee and this may very well see you move on to other platforms, but it does hand you broker assisted trades for free. This is not something many competitors have on the table and it’s an incredibly useful service, especially for those who are still trying to get their head around the markets. It’s the human touch that can make all the difference between a successful trade and an expensive one. 

Zacks Trade review

(Image credit: Zacks Trade)

Zacks Trade review: Service and support

  • Market leading research
  • Customer reviews are 50/50

Zacks Trade has developed a fairly impressive list of research tools that you can use to expand your understanding of the market and improve your trading. Once you’ve joined, you get access to more than 100 different subscriptions to platforms such as Dow Jones, The Motley Fool, Benzinga and Thomson Reuters. Some of these are free, others expect you to fork out even more. The research is accessed through your client portal and is not as extensive as that offered by some competitors. Both TD Ameritrade (opens in new tab) and E*Trade (opens in new tab) are much more accessible and have far more research and information on hand. 

When it comes to customer reviews on Trust Pilot, Zacks Trade has 50% Excellent and 50% bad. It seems that users either love the service or hate it. 

Should you use Zacks Trade? 

Zacks Trade is a good place to go if you know your stuff, have money in your pocket and want to work with a slick, streamlined and well-informed platform. It stands out for the human element too, with free broker assisted trades and customer service available on the end of a phone should you need any advice or have a problem. 

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