BLUETTI: the best battery/inverter combos for energy security

BLUETTI solar and power storage technologies
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From reducing soaring energy bills, to protecting your home against blackouts and power surges, to reducing your environmental footprint there have never been more reasons to set up a home power grid.

Whether you're looking for a complete home backup grid, or a portable power system for outdoor activities, the BLUETTI range has you covered. And this Black Friday you can enjoy deep discounts of up to 30% across the range of inverters and battery combos.

Here are the best deals on home power this shopping season.

Protect your home

Chief among the motivations for setting up a home power grid is, of course, blackouts. Depending on your needs and where you live, these can range from irritating to disastrous, causing everything from data loss and spoiled food to serious emergencies.

The right back up system can prevent this. Plus, it will also reduce your energy costs and even provide a portable power source whenever you need to hit the road for work or pleasure.

Top of the home backup range is BLUETTI's AC500 5000W inverter and accompanying B300S power cell. This prime pairing raised more than 11 million dollars on Indiegogo in just two months, but on Black Friday the AC500 plus a single B300S will cost you just $4499 (a saving of $600).

BLUETTI solar and power storage technologies

(Image credit: BLUETTI)

The B300S can go from empty to 80% in as little as one hour, so there's no need to delay, whether you're taking it on the road or simply waiting for the next blackout or power surge. Hook up to six B300S batteries together to create a staggering 18,432Wh of backup power.

The rest of the range is also deeply discounted. The AC300 inverter and B300 battery combo can see you through hours of blackouts for just $2999 (down from $3699). The smaller AC200MAX inverter and B230 battery offer plentiful power for your mobile home or garage, and will cost $2799, a $499 saving. Smaller still is the AC200P, a 2000W inverter and 2000Wh battery in one unit for just $1199 (down from $1699) in the lead up to Black Friday (November 21-26). And from November 27 to November 28, the AC200P can be yours for an incredible $1,119.  

BLUETTI solar and power storage technologies

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Finally, the EP500 and its bigger brother the EP500 Pro both combine a 5100Wh battery with a 2000W or 3000W inverter respectively. Set on wheels for easy mobility, these sleek units can be moved around your home or connected to a solar panel array to protect against everything from brownouts to data loss or high energy bills.

This Black Friday you can grab the EP500 for $4399 (down from $4999) and the EP500 Pro for just $4799 (down from $5999, an incredible $1200 saving).

Portable power

Whether you're trekking through the woods or just working in the garage, there's a handheld portable BLUETTI unit to match.

The lightweight EB3A comes in at a mere 10 pounds for 600W (268Wh) of power and will cost $209 (down from $299). The larger EB55 outputs 700W (537Wh) for $399 (was $499), while the still more capacious EB70S runs at 800W (716Wh). Starting November 11, you can pick it up for just $499 (down from $599). 

BLUETTI solar and power storage technologies

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BLUETTI batteries and power banks will happily accept a wide variety of power sources, but the ecological frontrunner will always be BLUETTI's own solar panels. All models are portable and feature monocrystalline power cells for up to 23.4% efficiency, producing from 120W (with the PV120, $299) to 200W (with the PV200, $499) all the way up to 350W (with the PV350, $849).

Whichever you choose you'll have a free, unlimited, environmentally friendly source of energy wherever you go.

Bonuses, boxes and more

In the spirit of Black Friday and the shopping season, anyone spending more than $1000 at between 00:00 on November 11 and 23:59 PST on November 29 will be entered into a draw with prizes including an EB3A Portable Powerbank, $50-$100 coupons and other brilliant BLUETTI gifts.

Look out for other spending thresholds too. For example, a $5000 spend gets you a handy and versatile mini fridge.

Finally this shopping season, the BLUETTI store will also have mystery boxes available. Basic boxes cost at $99, Pro boxes $199 and Premium boxes $299, and contain surprise gifts commensurate with the cost. Fancy a $900 Solar Generator for $199? That's totally possible with the Mystery Box Pro.

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