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The Top Ten Reviews team works hard to make sure reviews, buying guides and other editorial content is accurate and impartial. That's why, when we don't have the expertise to write something ourselves, we use expert contributors with decades of knowledge in their chosen fields. 

We always want to get better, which is why we want to hear your comments. If you'd like us to review a specific product, think we've missed something, or just want to know more about a specific review or best list then contact us via the details below, or check out our Facebook page.  

Editor-in-Chief: Andy Hartup

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Andy has been working in media publishing and websites for over 15 years. His previous roles have been on tech and gaming sites, like PC Gamer and GamesRadar, and he has written for numerous award-winning brands during the course of his career, and held several Executive Editor, Managing Editor, and Editor roles. His specialist knowledge is in tech and photography, although he oversees the whole site. 

Health and Wellness Editor: Claire Davies

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Claire began her career as a qualified journalist and features writer in print publishing, before transitioning to online. Claire has held a number of creative consultancy, Associate Editor and Editor roles across various brands and projects over the years, and is now Health and Wellness Editor at Top Ten Reviews. Claire is interested in the relationship between high quality sleep and improved physical and mental wellbeing, and how it works in tandem with nutrition and exercise to help us live well. Contact for Health and Wellness requests: 

Homes and Garden Editor: Sophie Bird

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Sophie manages the Home & Garden section, creating helpful articles on a range of appliances, garden tools, and kitchen accessories. Sophie's previous roles have included Deputy Editor for a lifestyle magazine and she specializes in social media and feature writing. If something can be organized, Sophie is on it and there's nothing she loves more than home organization solutions.
Contact for all Home and Garden requests:

Technology Editor: Ian Stokes

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Ian rules over the Technology section, covering everything from smartphones and laptops to TV streaming and compact printers. If there’s a gadget in your home that could make your life better, he’s got it covered. Ian comes from a background in scientific research with a PhD in chemistry, but has also been writing as a freelance video games and technology writer for over six years. 

Contact for all technology requests:

Digital Learning and Hobbies Editor: Ruth Gaukrodger

Ruth Gaukrodger

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Ruth has worked across both print and online media for five years, contributing to national newspaper titles and popular tech sites. She has held a number of journalist roles alongside more senior editorial positions, and is now the Digital Learning and Hobbies editor at Top Ten Reviews.
Contact for Digital Learning and Hobbies requests:

Staff Writer: Molly Cleary

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Molly is the Staff Writer for the Home Section, creating articles on anything from popcorn makers to washing machines. She joined Top Ten Reviews after graduating from college with a degree in English Literature and is also a freelance writer. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and embroidery, as well as getting stuck into a good book. Contact for Home and Garden requests at

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