Meet the new power solutions from BLUETTI that can run your whole home for days

BLUETTI product lineup
(Image credit: BLUETTI)

Solar power has become more attractive than ever in recent years, and there are more than a few reasons to stop counting on the energy grid to work flawlessly every day of the year. To give you some options for energy self-sufficiency, BLUETTI has recently added some new products to its power solution lineup. This includes a serious setup with the EP900 and B500 that BLUETTI introduced this year at CES 2023.

The EP900 is the beating heart of a whole-home backup power system. With its hybrid inverter, it can take power from AC mains and put power back into it at 120V or 240V AC at up to 9kW of pure sine wave power. This lets you charge up the batteries in the system from the grid and then draw on that power throughout your house if there’s a blip or a blackout. The system can kick in in just 10ms, ensuring your electronics stay up and running. Forget about data loss or spoiled food in the fridge.

The EP900 can also draw power from solar arrays up to 9kW. With a single B500 battery, the setup offers 9kWh of energy storage — more than enough to get you over a small power outage, or a useful amount to avoid paying for electricity from the grid when prices are highest during peak hours. But BLUETTI’s solution is scalable, with the B500 batteries stacking up to eight times, making it possible to configure a massive 39.6kWh backup that can keep your home running for days off battery alone. While the system keeps your home’s electricity secure, BLUETTI keeps the hardware secure with a 10-year warranty and 24/7 customer support. Plus, you can manage the system with a convenient app for real-time analytics and easy updates.


(Image credit: BLUETTI)

If your power needs sometimes extend beyond the home, BLUETTI also recently introduced the AC500 and B300 system. This combo provides 3,072Wh of power you can use at home or on the go. 

The AC500 offers 16 outlets that can provide 5kW of pure sine wave power at 120V AC. Pair it with a second AC500 run in series, and you can get 10kW of power at 240V. Just like the B500, the B300 batteries are also stackable, letting you combine eight units to built out a portable power system that can store up to 18,432Wh

When you need to recharge, the AC500 gives you a few options. You can pull in 5,000W from AC power, you can pull in 5,000W from a solar array, or you can draw from both sources simultaneously to recharge at 8,000W. This will let you charge in just a couple hours, so you’re always prepared with enough juice to keep your important electronics powered.

These new power solutions from BLUETTI are just a small selection of what the company has to offer. To see the new gear and the rest of the product lineup, head over to BLUETTI’s site here