The NetSpend prepaid credit card is at the top of its class when it comes to its account center, Anytime Alerts and its mobile app, which keep you informed of your account balance, transaction history and more. You can keep a high balance on your prepaid card with no penalty.

NetSpend provides three payment plans: Pay As You Go, FeeAdvantage and Premier FeeAdvantage. Upgrading to the premier plan requires you to sign up for direct deposit and meet a minimum direct deposit dollar amount each calendar month. Each plan charges fees in different ways, whether it's in the form of a monthly charge or per transaction.

Like other prepaid credit cards, you can make in-store purchases. To do this, you swipe your card like you normally would with any credit card. When the point-of-sale machine presents you with the option of choosing Credit or Debit, you can opt for either, but each option comes with its own fees. With the Pay-As-You-Go plan, if you choose Credit at the register, you pay a lower fee for each transaction and a higher fee if you choose Debit. With the Premier FeeAdvantage plan, you are not subject to either fee.

NetSpend charges a set fee for each withdrawal, and a percentage of the total cash amount when you withdraw money internationally. This fee does not include the ATM fee itself. Additionally, if your transaction is denied, you pay a fee for that as well.

Should you close your account, you can withdraw your funds from an ATM or have a check mailed to you within three to four weeks. There is a fee for both.

This prepaid credit card grants you the freedom to make purchases online, over the phone, and at the gas station, but there are restrictions that may affect you when you rent a car or book a hotel room, such as extra deposits.

To check your balance, you can log in to the online account center. NetSpend also provides Anytime Alerts, a feature that helps you track your purchases. Any phone with texting capabilities will work with Anytime Alerts. These alerts provide a convenient way to stay on top of your transactions, deposits, account balance and more.

NetSpend offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. You can transfer money to another account, check your balance and handle other transactions from the app. NetSpend allows up to three prepaid cards for each individual account, providing an easy solution to load your money.

Qualifying for the Premier FeeAdvantage plan gives you the option for the NetSpend savings account as well. This account does not have a minimum balance requirement and you earn interest.

When it comes to adding money to your card, NetSpend offers more options than other prepaid credit or debit cards. You can add funds by direct deposit, bank transfer, PayPal, card-to-card transfer and at select stores. Many of these options, however, carry a fee.

For help with your account, NetSpend asks members to log in to their online account and send an email to customer service. General questions about how to use your card, including how to get started, adding money, etc., can be referenced via a well-organized FAQs section.

The NetSpend prepaid credit card provides many benefits and features, including mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and a savings account for Premium cardholders. NetSpend offers low fees, but there are several of them.

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