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Best electric double wall ovens 2020

 Best electric double wall ovens 2020
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The best double ovens will offer you great value for money, plenty of cooking space, and clever features to make cooking a breeze. In this guide, we round up our double oven reviews to give you the all-important information you need to know before you buy.

What should you look for in a double oven? Top-rated double ovens will not only provide plenty of cooking space but shelves that can be positioned in multiple ways. Whether you need a 24-inch or a standard 30-inch double wall oven, specifications and snazzy features do vary quite a lot, even within the same price range. 

Next up, self-cleaning functions are pretty standard in double wall ovens so look out for an oven that has that feature. Some double ovens only have a self-cleaning mode in one oven, not both so take note of this if it’s important to you.

As well as self-cleaning functions, many of the best wall ovens are smart-enabled so that you can turn on your oven or adjust the temperature by using your smartphone. What’s more, the GE Profile oven in our round up has an in-built camera so you can take a look at your food on your phone, without even opening the oven door!

Look out for even pre-heat settings and smart cooking to help you create tasty food with minimal effort. The standout best wall ovens will also have convection cooking technology which cooks your food more evenly and is great for baking cakes. 

Finally, take note of the warranty on electric double ovens. Standard warranties tend to be for one year, however, as double wall ovens are a big investment, look for manufacturers that offer longer warranties for added peace of mind.  

If you’re not sure whether a double wall oven is for you, check out the best electric cooktop ranges. To find out which electric double oven came out on top, keep reading. 

1. GE Profile PTD9000SNSS Double Wall Electric Oven: Best overall electric double oven 

GE Profile PTD9000SNSS Double Wall Electric Oven review

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GE Profile PTD9000SNSS Double Wall Electric Oven

The GE Profile PTD9000SNSS Double Wall Electric Oven has an in-oven camera, smart features, and a large capacity, making it the best overall double oven we reviewed.

 In-oven camera 
 Self-cleaning mode 
 Large capacity  
 Only one color option 
 One-year warranty  

The GE Profile PTD9000SNSS came out on top as the best electric double wall oven because of its clever features including air frying, self-cleaning, touch controls and gliding racks. 

Offering plenty of space for cooking up lots of meals, this double oven’s camera means you can check on your food without even looking through the door. The oven also has a Precision Cooking function, touch screen controls, and an air frying mode. 

And it’s not just the clever features that we liked either, this double oven is a great all-rounder. The oven doors are soft-closing and its racks glide in and out with ease. There’s only one choice of color finish to this oven and the warranty is just for one year, but with gleaming user reviews, the GE Profile PTD9000SNSS is a good, solid purchase. 

2. Maytag MEW9630FZ electric double oven: Best large capacity double wall oven 

Maytag MEW9630FZ review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Maytag MEW9630FZ electric double oven

The Maytag MEW9630FZ electric double wall oven is a large capacity oven that comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty - the longest of all models we reviewed.

 Long warranty  
 Large door windows 
 Big capacity 
 No steam cleaning option 
 Only one color choice 

The Maytag MEW9630FZ electric double wall offers five cubic feet of space in each oven, making it a great choice for family cooking or those that cater for a crowd regularly. The 10-year warranty on this model is also pretty impressive as most ovens we reviewed only had a one-year warranty. 

Clever features we liked include the rapid preheat setting, delayed bake option and the convection oven. Although, it has to be said we’re disappointed that this oven doesn’t have self-cleaning functions and the convection cooking option is only available in the upper oven, rather than both. 

If you don’t mind those drawbacks, the Maytag MEW9630FZ electric double wall is a great all-rounder. 

3. LG LWD3063ST double wall oven: Best smart double wall oven 

LG LWD3063ST double wall oven review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

LG LWD3063ST double wall oven

The LG LWD3063ST double wall oven has great smart controls, ample cooking space and brilliant user reviews.

 Large viewing doors 
 Smart cooking enabled 
 Self-cleaning function  
 Short warranty
 Some issues with the self-cleaning function  

The LG LWD3063S electric wall oven offers a decent capacity and is smart cooking enabled, it does have less cooking functions than some of the ovens we reviewed. 

You can, however, easily adjust the oven’s controls with the app that can be downloaded to go with this oven. Another handy feature with this model is the large window on each of the oven doors, which allows you to check your food without opening the door and letting heat escape. 

4. Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS: Best multi-functional double wall oven 

Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS review

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS

The Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS features clever functions such as dehydrate and defrost mode.

 Defrost mode 
 Dehydrate mode 
 Meat probe 
Limited cooking space
No touch controls 

With 4.3 cubic feet of cooking space inside each oven, the Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS electric wall oven was one of the smallest capacity ovens we reviewed but, what it lacks in space, it makes up for it many other ways. 

Standout settings on this double oven include the defrost and dehydrate settings. The dehydrate setting is fairly rare in double ovens and allows you to create your own beef jerky or fruit leather. 

As well as that, this oven also has a handy delay bake option and convection capabilities in both ovens. 

5. KitchenAid KODT100ESS: Best self-cleaning double wall oven  

KitchenAid KODT100ESS review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

KitchenAid KODT100ESS

The KitchenAid KODT100ESS electric double wall oven offers plenty of cooking space, touch controls, and self-cleaning too.

 Large capacity  
 Self-cleaning function  
 Touch controls  
 Even-Heat Preheat function 
 No convection cooking technology  
 Small warranty  
 No defrost or dehydrate functions  

Ideal for family cooking or whipping up a feast for holiday celebrations, the KitchenAid KODT100ESS double wall oven has five cubic feet of space inside each of its ovens. The ovens come with six racks in total, allowing plenty of flexibility for making many dishes at one time. 

The self-cleaning functions help to prevent build up in your oven and stay on top of grease from cooking. This oven also has a Even-Heat Preheat option to reach the desired temperature throughout the whole oven, meaning no cold pockets which could result in uneven cooking. Neither of the ovens has convection cooking though, something that many other models do offer.