4K Video Downloader is one of the best free YouTube downloaders in 2020

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There’s nothing worse than getting the dreaded ‘buffering logo’ when you want to watch your favorite video on social channels like Facebook and YouTube. While America’s network coverage is getting better every day, there are still large parts of the country where 4G and 5G are inconsistent or - worse - non-existent. Getting a great video downloader, like 4K Video Downloader, will allow you to grab all your preferred content before you leave the home, letting you enjoy it anywhere you go. 

You can find 4K Video Downloader over at 4Kdownload.com, and it’s available for both Windows PCs and Macs, so it doesn’t matter what computer you own. Once installed, you can grab all the content you like, from the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok and Likee, saving it to your local hard drive to be watched again whenever you like. If you own a laptop, you can even take it on your travels.

(Image credit: 4K Download)

4K Video Downloader - as the name suggests - can download videos or entire playlists in 4K quality. In fact, it will also download footage that runs up to 8K, including 4K, HD 1080p, or HD 720p. You can download entire Subscriptions and Channels, if you choose, and even get 3D videos and subtitles. It’s a very versatile piece of software, and even has a Smart feature that allows you to set-up automatic downloads from the channels and playlists you love. Never miss another video of a Fortnite Champion cat knocking vases off a shelf ever again!

What’s more, 4K Video Downloader is completely free, so you can pick it up right now. For more information, check out the 4K Downloader Facebook page, or go straight to the website and start using it today. If you need more info on how to download playlists, 4K Downloader has a page dedicated to this part of the software.