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Are Fake Security Cameras a Smart Idea?

Home security cameras greatly reduce the possibility and occurrence of crimes like break-ins. In recent years, they have become an essential part of any home s security system. Some homeowners, however, are starting to opt for fake security cameras for budgetary reasons.

Fake security cameras are devices that closely resemble real security cameras, though they do not function at all. Their purpose is to deter a potential thief or burglar from committing a crime. To act as good deterrents, they have most of the outward features of a real security camera. Such features include a power light, a similar shape and realistic colors.

Should You Install a Fake Security Camera?

The answer to this question depends on a number of things that you should consider before making a final decision. First, you should consider the pros and cons of dummy security cameras.

In some instances, they act as good deterrents, especially to petty thieves. Secondly, they come at a much lower cost relative to real security cameras. You, therefore, manage to discourage thieves and burglars but at a lower cost.

On the downside, it is easy for an experienced thief to tell a real camera from a fake one at a glance. This is especially true if you buy cheap dummy security cameras. Good fake cameras have a higher chance of fooling even experienced buglers. This is because high-quality fake cameras have all the outward features of a real camera, including a realistic lens, as well as power and video feed lines going back into the house.

Another disadvantage of fake surveillance cameras is that they will be useless in the event of a break-in, as they cannot record anything. This can be quite devastating if a worse crime, like a home kidnapping, takes place.

When Should You Install Dummy Security Cameras?

You should use fake security cameras only when the possibility of a break-in is very low. An example of this is a safe neighborhood with minimal cases of home thefts. You can also use dummy cameras when petty crimes are the only ones that occur in your area. This is because a fake camera easily fools petty, inexperienced thieves.

You can also install fake security cameras in areas of your home where you do not need strict monitoring. Examples of this include the garden and some areas inside the house. You can also install dummy cameras when your budget is very tight. It is better to have fake cameras installed in your home rather than have no cameras at all.

When Is Installing Dummy Cameras a Bad Idea?

If you live in an area prone to burglaries, do not install dummy cameras. You need a high-quality fully functioning camera that can effectively deter crime and record it if it happens. A real camera will give you the security you need. If you have valuables in your home, you should also consider investing in real security cameras. Such valuables may include electronics, furniture, a car and jewelry.

Should You Combine Real and Dummy Security Cameras?

In an ideal situation where budget is not a problem, it would be best to have real cameras only. If this is not possible, a close alternative is to combine fake and real security cameras. You can position your actual cameras in areas such as the gate, the entranceway, the front door and the front yard. You might also want to install dummy cameras in the garden, certain areas in the backyard and along low-traffic paths. It is important to ensure that the dummy cameras blend in well with the fake ones to avoid detection.