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Francesca Clarke

Francesca Clarke

Francesca is a garden designer, writer and consultant based in southeast London, UK. She grows a surprising amount of fruit, vegetables and flowers in her long, narrow plot, despite the challenges of too much shade, heavy clay soil and inquisitive urban foxes. She’s a qualified RHS horticulturist with a love of plants and an addiction to that feeling of tired satisfaction you only get from a day spent digging, weeding and planting in the sun. 

Having started out in journalism as a sub editor, Francesca is a stickler for good grammar: she can spot a dangling modifier, lazy ellipsis or misplaced comma from a mile. She also likes her words to get straight to the point, bypassing the waffle and showing no mercy to alienating jargon. She has an unexplained aversion to the word ‘veggies’. 

Francesca is a member of the Garden Media Guild and has written for a handful of well- known UK titles, including Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home. The practical and informative nature of Top Ten Reviews is a promising match for her horticultural expertise and pithy writing style. When she’s not in her own garden, designing someone else’s garden or writing about gardens, you might find her supping a pint of craft ale at one of her local pubs. Life without a garden out back and a good pub in walking distance is, to her, a very poor life.

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