Rich Lee

Rich Lee

Rich is Tech Editor of Top Ten Reviews. With over a decade spent working in regional media, marketing and PR, Rich has written for a variety of publications before joining Future in 2021 working across Top Ten Reviews, Space and Live Science.

A former chef, Rich got his break in journalism as a restaurant critic and food writer, before expanding into celebrity and entertainment news and lifestyle content. With the flourishing games industry on his doorstep in Guildford, UK, Rich began indulging his love of tech and digital entertainment, scooping interviews with some of the industry’s biggest innovators.

Top Ten Reviews’ mix of practical and informative tech reviews, news and guides provides an endless playground for both Rich and the readers, a place to explore all the latest developments in technology and an accessible and invaluable resource for consumers when it comes to choosing the best technology to aid an enhance their lives.

When he's not pouring over current affairs, pop culture and the latest trends in tech in his free time, Rich is probably pouring his seventh coffee of the day and pondering where to go out for dinner.

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