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Best Casper mattress deals and sales 2022

Best Cyber Monday Casper mattress deals and sales 2021
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With one of the best Casper mattress deals, you can find a better price for your next purchase and be one step closer to a premium night’s sleep. Casper is famed for selling some of the highest quality mattresses on the market and is also generous with sales so that you can sleep easy when it comes to value and quality. Whilst the major sales periods may have passed a few months ago, you can still secure an excellent deal on everything from mattresses to pillowcases with Casper, and this round-up is the first place to go if you’re looking for a new sleep essential. 

There are some excellent offers currently available in the form of bundle deals from Casper, where you can find customer favorites for great prices. You can take 20% off of Casper’s Best-Selling Bundle, which includes a mattress, a mattress protector, and more. There’s also a chance to refresh your sleep situation for less with 20% off the Comfy Bundle, which includes sheets and a supportive down-alternative pillow. Keep checking back to this page to get updates on the best prices possible for a Casper mattress, with new information on major sales and events.  

How to get a Casper mattress discount

Casper's all-foam and hybrid mattresses are great value for money considering the quality of sleep tech involved and how well made they are. Existing customers rave about Casper mattresses too, with the Element, Original, Nova Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid all scoring over 4 out of 5 stars.

Even when it doesn't feature among the best Casper mattress deals and discounts, the Element is the cheapest, starting at $395. The brand has also introduced a new cooling mattress innovation called Snow Technology, and while it sounds incredible on paper, it drives up the price. Without a specific deal or sale, Casper mattresses cost as follows:

  • Casper Element - from $395
  • Casper Original Mattress - from $95
  • Casper Nova Hybrid - from $1,195
  • Casper Wave Hybrid - from $1,595
  • Casper Wave Hybrid Snow - from $1,945
  • Casper Nova Hybrid Snow - from $1,545 

To boost your confidence further, Casper offers a 100-night risk trial, so you can try your new bed at home before committing. That trial period applies to products featured among the best Casper mattress deals and sales, so you won't miss a thing. We're collating all the latest discounts and promo codes right here, saving you the hassle of having to search around.

The best Casper mattress deals and discounts to shop now

Best Casper bundle: was $1,743, now $1,394.40
Replace all your bedding for less with Casper’s most popular sleep bundle. Watch the price drop from $1,743 right down to $1,394.40 on the Queen mattress bundle that comes with a foundation and mattress protector too. 

Comfy Bundle: was $269, now $215.5 Start afresh with this essential bedding bundle which includes two Original pillows and 1 Percale sheet set. Available in six different colorways, there’s no way this set won’t improve your quality of sleep. 

Upgrade Bundle: Was $2,892, now $2,458.20. Get the most from your bed with this incredibly extensive upgrade set. Secure a new mattress and your choice of bed frame for a truly premium sleeping experience.  

All products are available for free home delivery for the majority of America, and the mattresses and pillows come on a 100-night ‘risk-free’ trial. So if they aren't right for you, return them within the trial period. That trial period still applies when you're shopping these Casper mattress discounts and promo codes.

If you're looking for a different type of mattress, also check out our guides to the best Purple mattress deals and the best Saatva mattress discounts and sales.

Meet the Casper mattresses

Best Casper mattress deals, promo codes and discounts: Casper Original Mattress sale

(Image credit: Casper)
The best Casper mattress for every sleeper, especially when it's on sale


Sizes: Twin through to Cal King
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foam
Comfort: Medium
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years
MSRP without any discounts: From $595 to $1,295

Reasons to buy

Good for hot sleepers
Supports combination sleepers
100 night trial

Reasons to avoid

Perhaps too soft for some

The Casper Original Mattress has over 20,000 reviews on the Casper site alone and is designed for all types of sleeper. That makes it especially ideal for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. 

Casper’s entry level mattress is made from premium all-foam. It uses three zones of support to ensure your body is supported from tip to toe, relieving pressure so that you don’t wake up due to discomfort caused by the mattress. 

The foam is softer around your shoulders and firmer under your hips, waist and lower back. Together, this provides relief for your upper body while keeping your spine properly aligned.

Casper also describes the Original Mattress as cooling, so it lends itself well to hot sleepers who often wake up because they feel too warm. This more breathable performance is achieved by an innovation called AirScape, a top layer of perforated foam that reduces heat. Those small perforations within the foam move hot air and body heat away, keeping the mattress cooler to the touch.

Best Casper mattress deals, sales and promo codes: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

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Casper Original Hybrid Mattress deals

The spring and foam version of the Casper Original


Sizes: Twin through to Cal king
Filling: Foam and springs
Comfort: Medium
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years
MSRP without any discounts: From $695 to $1,495

Reasons to buy

Affordable hybrid
Good for all sleep positions

Reasons to avoid

You may need targeted back support

The Casper Hybrid Original Mattress is designed to give you the in-bed support you need by using a combination of soft foam at the top and firmer foam from the middle down. Together, they work to keep your spine aligned so you don’t wake up feeling stiff or bent out of shape. 

The Original Hybrid Mattress has the same top layer of Airscape perforated breathable foam as the all-foam Original, with those tiny holes drawing heat away from the mattress. The comfy and supportive premium foam is there too. 

The key difference between the Casper Hybrid Original Mattress and the all-foam version is the layer of springs, there to add lift and increased support, bounce and airflow. The springs are enclosed within a firm border with defined edge support to help you get in and out of bed more easily.

The Hybrid Original Mattress suits all types of sleeper, especially hot sleepers and those with neck pain and who need more targeted support around the upper body. On the subject of neck pain, we’d recommend looking at our guide to the best pillows for different sleep positions, as the right pillow can make a big difference. 

Best Casper mattress deals, sales and promo codes: The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress shown on a brown bed next to a deep pink wall

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Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress deals

The best Casper mattress deal for all-out comfort


Sizes: Twin through to Cal king
Filling: Foam and springs
Comfort: Medium
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years
MSRP without any discounts: From $1,095 to $2,295

Reasons to buy

Supremely comfortable
Moves body heat away from you
Targeted full body support

The Nova Hybrid is Casper’s half-way house between the entry-level Casper Original and the all-out luxury of the Wave Hybrid. Whereas the Casper Original has three zones of support, the Nova Hybrid has over double that with seven distinct zones to ensure proper spinal alignment. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t keep your spine aligned, you'll develop a greater chance of back and neck pain. 

The softer foam is found around your shoulders, while the firmer foam for ergonomic support is placed in the mattress just under shoulder height. It’s the ideal combination and should boost your comfort for a more relaxing night’s sleep, so definitely one to consider when choosing from among the best Casper mattress deals. 

There are four layers to a Nova Hybrid. The top layer is Airscape, with those same tiny perforations to boost airflow and encourage body heat to escape, and a foam top with a plush, velvety smooth feel. There’s a second layer of Airscape to stop any overheating and within this layer lies supportive foam. 

Under that you'll find Casper's Zoned Support Pro system. This relieves pressure under your shoulders and delivers ergonomic support to your lower back and hips. The base houses springs for extra lift and airflow, with a firmer border for proper edge support.

Best Casper mattress deals, promo codes and discounts: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress sale

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress deals

The best Casper mattress for back pain and general aches


Sizes: Twin through to Cal king
Filling: Foam, gel and springs
Comfort: Medium-firm
Trial: 100 days
Guarantee: 10 years
MSRP without any discounts: From $1,495 to $2,995

Reasons to buy

Helps relieve back pain
Good neck support
Best of all Casper's tech

Reasons to avoid


This is the cream of the Casper mattress crop. It draws upon every innovation found in the Casper Original and Nova Hybrid, and adds in a few extra special touches. As it should, considering how expensive it is.

The Wave Hybrid is also the best Casper mattress for back pain. Based on a randomized survey of Casper mattress owners in January of this year, 9 out of 10 customers said they have less back pain after sleeping on the Wave Hybrid. 

Casper describes it as offering "continuous ergonomic zones" throughout. There’s softer foam around the shoulders to provide relief to your upper body, plus firmer foam elsewhere to encourage better spinal alignment. The top layer uses a thin coating of cooling gel on top of that breathable Airscape perforated foam. There’s more Airscape in layer two and three, along with memory foam and three areas of Zoned Support Max to better align your spine. 

Layer four is where the Casper gel pods live. These are positioned under waist and lower back height to add extra support for your spine. Layer five, the base, is a combination of springs for extra lift, support and airflow, enclosed in a firmer border with good edge support. The latter makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

Basically, if you see the Wave Hybrid on offer among the best Casper mattress deals, and you have the budget and need maximum back support and comfort, this is the one to try.

Best casper mattress deals and sales: The Casper Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress pictured against a deep blue wall

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Snow Technology Mattress range

Casper's latest innovation for hot sleepers (and for snoozing in hot weather) is called Snow Technology. It can now be found in the Wave Hybrid Snow (from $2,095) and the Nova Hybrid Snow (from $1,695) mattresses, which are the original Wave and Nova's upgraded with Snow Tech. 

Both models use foam and springs to ensure you stay comfy regardless of what position you fall asleep in, and now they’ve been supercharged with extra cooling functionality.

Casper Snow Technology is a four-part cooling system that begins with a QuickCool Cover infused with phase change material. Casper says this, “delivers an added 24% cooler to the touch feeling upon climbing in bed”.

There's also something called HeatDelete Bands, made from graphite. These create channels within each mattresses foam layer to draw away excess heat. Folks, it's time to say goodbye to overheating in bed. Casper has also released Hyperlite Tencel sheets (from $109) to complete your cooling sleep experience.

We've already seen the Snow range pop up among the latest Casper mattress deals and sales, with discounts of a few hundred dollars when you select this cooling upgrade package.

Best Casper mattress deals and discounts FAQ

Best Casper mattress deals: Which one should you buy?

When it comes to choosing the deal for you, you need to know that Casper has three mattresses in their range, with distinct features depending on sleep position and posture. As you get older, the amount of support you need tends to change, so be sure to look closely at these features if it’s been a little while since your last mattress.

If you need to max out on support, then the Wave Hybrid mattress should be your first choice, with a design that can assist with aches and pains and help you to wake up feeling considerably less stiff. 

If you want to sink into your new mattress into a whole new world of comfort, and you need something a little more affordable, then the Nova Hybrid can step in to aid your sleep, and often benefits from a discount code to neaten up the price.

Hot sleepers should turn to the cooling mattress for support and temperature control. If you’re unsure of which mattress you want to select, then you can also enjoy the Nova Hybrid on a 100-night trial, and try it out before you invest for good. 

How much are Casper mattresses in the sale?

Casper offers a real range of price points to suit whatever you’re looking for. While the newest addition to the Casper family is the Nova Hybrid, which starts at an MSRP of $1,395 for the Twin, $1,595 for the Twin XL, $1,945 for the Full, $2,095 for the Queen and $2,695 for the King and Cal king.

Going up in price from there, the premium selection of Casper mattresses is the Wave Hybrid. Prices for this one start at $1,795 for the Twin, $2,195 for the Twin XL, $2,545 for the Full, $2,965 for the Queen, and $3,295 for the King and the Cal king. 

The budget offering is the Casper Original, which is a surprisingly versatile mattress at a low price. Prices start at is $695 for the Twin, $795 for the Twin XL, $995 for the Full, $1,095 for the Queen, and $1,495 the King and Cal king.

Prices vary between the different mattresses on offer, and depending on the kind of features that they excel with. The Casper Original Mattress remains competitive and affordable all year round, and there’s almost always a discount to be secured, especially if you keep checking back to this page for all the latest updates. 

Best Casper mattress deals, promo codes and discounts: a woman stretches while getting up from a Casper mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper mattress deals and sales: When is the best time to find them?

It really isn't difficult to find yourself a Casper mattress discount code or promo, as there are plenty available throughout the year to reduce the MSRP of these highly rated mattresses.

That said, the best time to grab a brilliant Casper mattress discount is around Black Friday, when the brand is competing with many other sleep brands for your attention. That means Black Friday can usually be counted on to serve up some brilliant promo codes to save you a big chunk of money on a new Casper mattress. 

There are definitely other points throughout the year when you can find good discounts on Caspers, and those include Christmas, Memorial Day and Amazon Prime Day, as some Casper mattresses are also sold on Amazon.

Depending on the promo code running at the time, you can save up to 15% off the ticket price of a Casper mattress, so it really is worth keeping an eye out for them.

Where else can you find Casper mattress deals?

There is no better time to buy a mattress than when you have the best Casper mattress deal or Casper discount code at your disposal. Plus, there's probably a scientist somewhere who has proven that you sleep even better when you get a good bargain on a great mattress.

Here are some of the most tempting Casper mattress sales currently running, and don’t forget that this page will be updated daily, so if you’re ready to buy a Casper mattress but don’t see a price that's right for you at the moment, just keep checking. 

Amazon: Get free delivery on Casper orders

Thanks to Amazon Prime you can get your Casper mattress the next day - for FREE. There are also discounts on the essential model of up to $60.  The full Casper range is available on Amazon, and if you’re just looking for sleep accessories, they also fall under the Prime next day delivery offer. 

QVC: Pay for your new Casper in three installments

QVC are selling Casper mattresses with the added bonus that you can spread the payments over three installments. This is perfect if you’d like a Casper mattress but don’t have the full amount upfront. QVC also offers free standard shipping and handling.  

Black Friday Casper Mattress deals: What we know about the sale so far

Does Casper mattress have Black Friday sales, we hear you ask? Oh yes! In fact, the prior Black Friday sale at Casper served up some juicy discounts across the entire mattress range, as well as select savings and time-limited discounts on Casper bedding, accessories and sleep gifts. The Casper mattress Black Friday sale is good news for those of you looking to snap up one of these affordable mattresses in a box. 

Does that mean you should hang on for this year's Black Friday bonanza to buy a Casper? No, because Casper sales are plentiful throughout the year anyway, with the best Casper mattress deals usually offering up to 15% off any Casper mattress. 

We were pleased to see the same savings for the last Casper Black Friday sale, with an even bigger $600 discount on the Casper Original Best-Selling Bundle. There were even deals on the stunning Holiday Gifting Bundle featuring the Casper Weighted Blanket. Sleep has never looked so good.

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