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Best Purple mattress deals and sales 2020: save money with these Purple discount codes

The best Purple mattress deals and sales 2020: new Purple discount codes to help you save money and sleep better
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If you're looking for the best Purple mattress deals online right now, we've done all the legwork for you by rounding them up here. Purple regularly runs offers on its gorgeous sleep products, including money off, bundle offers, and, on occasion, free gifts when you buy specific items. That's why it's always worth checking the latest Purple discount codes to see what you could save before spending a dime.

In our opinion, Purple is one of the best mattress brands in the world, and is particularly popular with people looking to upgrade their in-bed comfort and enjoy enhanced levels of support. Its also a good choice for those who tend to sleep 'hot' and need a breathable mattress. How are Purple mattresses a good match here? Well, Purple's Grid technology ensures that its products adapt to your body and sleep position, with open air channels for cooler sleep.

As we said in our Purple Mattress review, it's a good choice if you're looking for a mattress for back pain and joint relief. There's no compromise on comfort or support, and you'll wake up feeling less stiff and more refreshed. All that world-class hyper-elastic polymer filling can come with quite a high price tag though, which is why it pays to keep an eye out for the latest Purple discount codes.

Right now there's also 'sleep now, pay later' financing as low as 0%APR on Purple mattresses. Our favorite offer is $200 off the Purple Hybrid Premier, a stunning mattress designed to relieve pressure. The other mattresses featured in the sale are the entry-level Purple Mattress, and the Purple Hybrid, a half-way house between the other two.

Ready to choose your new sleep goodies? Then let's take a look at the best Purple mattress deals to help you save money and sleep better now...

Best Purple mattress deals and discount codes

Purple Hybrid Premier: was from $1,899 | Now from $1,699 (save $200 + free shipping)
This is the best Purple mattress deal on the brand's flagship model for relieving pressure as you sleep, which in turns help you to feel comfortable throughout the night. The Hybrid Premier has a staggering 22,000+ reviews, and comes with a generous 10-year warranty. You can also try it at home for 100 nights to ensure it's the right fit for you. The exciting part is that you can choose between 3-inch or 4-inches of weightless support. Heavenly.View Deal

Purple Hybrid: was from $1,299 | Now from $1,149 (save $150 + free shipping)
The latest Purple discount codes for Memorial Day saves you $150 off Purple's mid-tier mattress in a box, which uses the brand's own Purple Grid technology to adapt to your body and unique sleep position, helping you to feel fully supported as you snooze. The mattress comes in seven sizes, from Twin XL (now $1,149) up to Split King (now $2,448). You may be eligible for 0% financing on this mattress, and it also comes on a 100-night trial basis.View Deal

The Purple Mattress: was from $649 | Now from $599 (save up to $100 + free shipping)
In the latest Purple mattress sale you can save up to $100 off the original model. Just because it's much cheaper than the others doesn't mean its less effective at helping you sleep comfortably. This beautiful mattress has a lot of the same tech and features you'll find in the flagship model, including Purple Grid tech to ensure the mattress adapts to your body from the moment you lie down. The Twin sizes are $50 off, while Full through to Split King are $100 off in Purple's Memorial Day sale.View Deal

Save up to $200 off a Premium Sleep Bundle when buying a Purple mattress | Purple
If you buy the original mattress, the Hybrid or Hybrid Premier in the current Purple mattress sale, you have the option of unlocking extra savings. That's because when buying a mattress, you can also save $200 off a Premium Sleep Bundle comprising two Harmony Pillows, Purple Sheets (available in four different colors) and a Mattress Protector. Or save $175 off a Standard Sleep Bundle, comprising two Purple Pillows, Purple Sheets and a Mattress Protector.
View Deal

Purple also has some of the best pillows for a range of different sleep styles, and you can often find these on offer too. So when rounding up the best Purple mattress deals above, we've also kept an eye out for any Purple discount codes and offers on the brand's popular bed pillows, bed sheets and duvets.

Purple Sleep Accessories: up to 20% off accessories | Purple
Not only can you take advantage of the best Purple mattress deals, right now you can save up to 20% on a range of Purple sleep accessories, which includes bed pillows, a duvet, a dog bed (because yes, your pet deserves good sleep too) and other slumber-friendly items. We have our eye on the Premium Weighted Sleep Mask, which sounds ideal for helping us drop off to sleep through its use of deep pressure stimulation.View Deal

Best Purple mattress deals and Purple discount codes: meet the mattresses

You can opt for one of three Purple mattresses: The Purple Mattress, The Purple Hybrid Premier, and the Purple Hybrid. We’re partial to the original Purple Mattress, which is one of the best money can buy right now. Regardless of which Purple mattress you take home, the brand’s trademark supportive No Pressure Purple Grid can also help regulate temperature as you sleep, so you can feel confident that your investment in a brilliant night's sleep is utterly worth it. 

Not happy with your purchase? Purple’s 100-night trial guarantees that you can return it for a full refund. If you're looking to make a more informed decision, we also have a guide to how to pick the right mattress for your sleep style and needs.

The best Purple mattress discount codes and prices

Here are today's lowest prices for the Purple Original, Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier Purple mattresses:

How good are Purple mattresses?

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Purple mattress deals

The Original Purple mattress (Image credit: Purple)
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Purple mattress deals

The Original Purple mattress (Image credit: Purple)
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Purple mattress deals

The All-New Purple mattress (Image credit: Purple)
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Purple mattress deals

The Original vs The All-New Purple mattress (Image credit: Purple)

As we mentioned, Purple has three core mattresses: The Purple Mattress, which is the brand's original mattress, and the Purple Hybrid mattress and the newest Purple Hybrid Premier mattress. At half the price of the Hybrid mattress, the Purple Original is outstanding value for money. Made from foam, it gives you the best of Purple's cutting-edge mattress technology (more on that below) at a very affordable price. 

Ramp that up to the next level, though, and you have the Purple Hybrid or Hybrid Premium mattress, which you can customize to provide superior sleep comfort and support for your body and postural needs.

Best Purple mattress deals: cheap Purple mattress deals

(Image credit: Purple)

All Purple mattresses use the company's patented Smart Grid technology. In a nutshell, this is a buckling column gel that dynamically flexes under pressure to support your body. It cradles and supports your shoulders and hips, and the open-grid design also works to promote airflow and dissipate body heat, so you shouldn’t get too hot.

The Original Purple is classified as a medium mattress, whereas the All-New Purple mattress (which comes in three thicknesses: 11, 12 and 13 inches) ranges in firmness from medium-soft to medium-firm, depending on which thickness you select. 

Both Purple mattresses, however, are well-suited to all kinds of sleeper thanks to that dynamic Smart Grid technology. And the Smart Grid tech has another trick up its sleeve: it's able to isolate and dramatically reduce motion transfer. That's great news for anyone who shares a bed with a restless sleeper – you won't feel other people moving about.

Finally, all Purple mattresses also come with a 100 night trial period. If, within 100 nights, you decide it’s not for you, the company will arrange for the mattress to be collected for free and you'll be refunded.

How much do Purple mattresses cost when there isn't a Purple mattress sale on?

Best Purple mattress deals and discount codes: the base of a Purple mattress with the brand's logo

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The Original Purple mattress prices start at $649 for a twin, $699 for a twin XL, $949 for a full, $1,099 for a queen, $1,399 for a king and cal king and a split king is $1,498. It's the cheaper Purple mattress, and it's good value compared to other bed-in-a-box companies 

The price of the Purple Hybrid mattress is higher. A twin XL costs $1,299, a full is $1499, a queen is $1,599, it's $1,899 for both a king and a cal king, and $2,598 for a split king.

Higher still, the Purple Hybrid Premium 3" will set you back $1,899 for a twin XL, $2099 for a full, a queen is $2,199, it's $2,699 for both a king and a cal king, and $3,798 for a split king. For the 4" Purple Grid model a twin XL is $2499, $2,999 for a queen, $3,499 for a king and cal king and a split king is $4,998.

You won't always find a Purple mattress discount code or sale on the Purple site itself to reduce the price, but the company often runs free gift promotions. For example, it will add a luxury pillow, sheets or other gift to your order for free when you buy a Purple mattress – increasing the value of your purchase. Plenty of retailers run Purple mattress deals throughout the year, so there's usually a way to reduce the price. 

View more of the best Purple mattress deals and Purple discounts

Want to browse more Purple mattress deals? Here they are... 

Purple mattress: Browse today's offers at Amazon  
If you’d like more choice, then head over to Amazon where you can buy the Original, All-New version, and even Purple sheets. You can also benefit from free delivery.View Deal

Macy’s: Sleep now, pay later
Macy’s have a full range of purple mattress products with the added bonus that you can spread the cost over 12 months. There’s also free delivery, or if you can’t wait to get your hands on your new mattress, there is an option for pick up. Macy’s also have this mattress on display at their stores so if you’d like to check it out before you hand over your money, just head to your local store. View Deal

Purple Sleep products for you... and your pet!

Purple doesn’t just make amazing mattresses. It also has a wide range of add-on products to help you sleep better than ever. From pillows to pet beds, there's a wide range of choice, as you can see below...

Purple pet bed: from $149
Whatever the size of your pet Purple have a pet bed to ensure that your pet gets the same good sleep as you. These pet beds have an ultra-tough, washable cover alongside odour and accident-resistant technology. Not to mention that they are super comfortable. View Deal

The Purple Plush Pillow: From $49
If you want a pillow that’s completely customizable then check out the Purple plush pillow. You can choose your perfect comfort zone by zipping or unzipping the adjustable extensions. It’s also made from a Lyocell-blend which is specially designed with cooling, moisture-wicking, and breathable technologies to help keep you cool. View Deal

The Purple Mattress Protector: From $79
This mattress protector is so resilient it will block any spill or accident. The stain-resistant fabric is washable and durable. Just like the mattress the protector also benefits from a 10-year warranty so it'll last as long as your mattress does. 

View Deal

Black Friday Purple mattress deals: what we saw in 2019

Often, Black Friday Purple mattress deals are where you'll find the biggest discounts of the year. Last year, Purple offered up to $400-worth of discounts and free gifts. 

Amazon and Sears, too, usually run good Black Friday mattress deals. In 2018, for example, Sears cut up to 60% off top-brand mattresses.